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hiṭ·ṭō·w·aḥ — 2 Occurrences

Leviticus 14:43
HEB: הַבַּ֖יִת וְאַחֲרֵ֥י הִטּֽוֹחַ׃
NAS: and after it has been replastered,
KJV: the house, and after it is plaistered;
INT: the house and after has been replastered

Leviticus 14:48
HEB: בַּבַּ֔יִת אַחֲרֵ֖י הִטֹּ֣חַ אֶת־ הַבָּ֑יִת
NAS: the house has been replastered, then the priest
KJV: the house was plaistered: then the priest
INT: the house after has been replastered the house shall pronounce

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