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ha·ḥê·p̄eṣ — 3 Occurrences

1 Samuel 15:22
HEB: וַיֹּ֣אמֶר שְׁמוּאֵ֗ל הַחֵ֤פֶץ לַֽיהוָה֙ בְּעֹל֣וֹת
NAS: Has the LORD as much delight in burnt offerings
KJV: Hath the LORD [as great] delight in burnt offerings
INT: said Samuel delight has the LORD burnt

Job 22:3
HEB: הַחֵ֣פֶץ לְ֭שַׁדַּי כִּ֣י
NAS: Is there any pleasure to the Almighty
KJV: [Is it] any pleasure to the Almighty,
INT: pleasure to the Almighty if

Ecclesiastes 5:8
HEB: תִּתְמַ֖הּ עַל־ הַחֵ֑פֶץ כִּ֣י גָבֹ֜הַּ
NAS: do not be shocked at the sight; for one official
KJV: marvel not at the matter: for [he that is] higher
INT: be shocked over the sight one official

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