5552. salsillah
Strong's Concordance
salsillah: probably a branch
Original Word: סַלְסִלָּה
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Transliteration: salsillah
Phonetic Spelling: (sal-sil-law')
Definition: probably a branch
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from the same as sal
probably a branch
NASB Translation
branches (1).

[סַלְסִלָּה] noun [feminine] basket according to ᵐ5 ᵑ9 AV RV; but probably shoot, branch Ew Hi Gf Gie and others; only plural absolute כְּבוֺצֵר (read probably יָד) הָשֵׁד יָָֽדְךָ עַלסַֿלְסִלּוֺת Jeremiah 6:9.

סלע (√ of following; compare Arabic cleave, split, cleft, fissure, Lane1406, hence סֶלַע split, jagged cliff, crag, often isolated (split off) rock (compare WetzstDe Isaiah 3, 696-707; and especially ZAW iii((1883), 273); then of smaller fragments, Late Hebrew סֶלַע rock, stone, also scale (of serpent), weight (in trade); Aramaic סִלְעָא specifically weight for coin; Nabataean סלי, a coin Lzb329 Cook85).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

From calah; a twig (as pendulous) -- basket.

see HEBREW calah

Forms and Transliterations
סַלְסִלּֽוֹת׃ סלסלות׃ sal·sil·lō·wṯ salsilLot salsillōwṯ
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Englishman's Concordance
Jeremiah 6:9
HEB: כְּבוֹצֵ֖ר עַל־ סַלְסִלּֽוֹת׃
NAS: Over the branches.
KJV: as a grapegatherer into the baskets.
INT: gatherer Over the branches

1 Occurrence

Strong's Hebrew 5552
1 Occurrence

sal·sil·lō·wṯ — 1 Occ.

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