3860. lahen
Strong's Concordance
lahen: on this account, therefore
Original Word: לָהֵן
Part of Speech: Conjunction
Transliteration: lahen
Phonetic Spelling: (law-hane')
Definition: on this account, therefore
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from a preposition prefix and hen
on this account, therefore
NASB Translation
therefore (2).

לָהֵן conjunction on this account, therefore, Ruth 1:13 (twice in verse) (either from לְ and הֵן (see below הֵ֫מָּה); or the Aramaic לָהֵן Daniel 2:6,9; Daniel 4:24: see the Aramaic Lexicon)

I. לָהֵן conjunction therefore (Biblical Hebrew לָהֵן Ruth 1:13 (twice in verse), Aramaic of Têma להן CISii. 113 = Cooke195), Daniel 2:6,9; Daniel 4:24 (LambertRÉJ. 1904. 273 denies I. לָהֵן, taking Biblical Aramaic always as = רַק).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
for them by mistake for prepositional suffix

From the prepositional prefix meaning to or for and hen; popularly for if; hence, therefore -- for them (by mistake for prepositional suffix).

see HEBREW hen

Forms and Transliterations
הֲלָהֵ֣ן ׀ הֲלָהֵן֙ הלהן hă·lā·hên halaHen hălāhên
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Englishman's Concordance
Ruth 1:13
HEB: הֲלָהֵ֣ן ׀ תְּשַׂבֵּ֗רְנָה עַ֚ד
NAS: would you therefore wait until
KJV: Would ye tarry for them till they were grown?
INT: therefore wait against

Ruth 1:13
HEB: אֲשֶׁ֣ר יִגְדָּ֔לוּ הֲלָהֵן֙ תֵּֽעָגֵ֔נָה לְבִלְתִּ֖י
NAS: they were grown? Would you therefore refrain
KJV: would ye stay for them from having husbands?
INT: after grown therefore refrain because

2 Occurrences

Strong's Hebrew 3860
2 Occurrences

hă·lā·hên — 2 Occ.

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