2314. chadar
Strong's Concordance
chadar: to surround, enclose
Original Word: חָדַר
Part of Speech: Verb
Transliteration: chadar
Phonetic Spelling: (khaw-dar')
Definition: to surround, enclose
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
a prim. root
to surround, enclose
NASB Translation
surrounds (1).

[חָדַר] verb surround, enclose (Phoenician in derivatives; Arabic II. conceal, curtain concealing a person, chamber, house, or tent as concealing some one; Ethiopic dwell; see also following) **Phoenician is only חדר, חדרת (temple or sepulchral) chamber (Lzb271 Cooke126); Ezekiel 21:19 is best explained from Syriac go about, surround, Syriac around. It seems uncertain whether חֶדֶר, Phoenician חדר chamber, Arabic curtain, chamber, tent, etc., are (ultimately) from this √ (as something surrounding); or (Buhl) from II. חדר = II. conceal behind curtain, conceal, confine, IV. conceal oneself, also abide, stay, remain behind (Land707f.), Ethiopic abide, dwell (Driver, privately, Nov. 1905). — only


Participle feminine singular הַחֹדֶ֫רֶת לָהֶם Ezekiel 21:19 that which surroundeth them (of the sword), — so ᵑ6 Thes Sm Co Da VB.

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance
enter a privy chamber

A primitive root; properly, to inclose (as a room), i.e. (by analogy,) to beset (as in a siege) -- enter a privy chamber.

Forms and Transliterations
הַחֹדֶ֖רֶת החדרת ha·ḥō·ḏe·reṯ hachoDeret haḥōḏereṯ
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Englishman's Concordance
Ezekiel 21:14
HEB: חָלָ֣ל הַגָּד֔וֹל הַחֹדֶ֖רֶת לָהֶֽם׃
NAS: slain, which surrounds them,
KJV: [men that are] slain, which entereth into their privy chambers.
INT: slain the great surrounds

1 Occurrence

Strong's Hebrew 2314
1 Occurrence

ha·ḥō·ḏe·reṯ — 1 Occ.

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