Psalm 64
GOD'S WORD® Translation

1[For the choir director; a psalm by David.] Hear my voice, O God, when I complain. Protect my life from a terrifying enemy.

2Hide me from the secret plots of criminals, from the mob of troublemakers.

3They sharpen their tongues like swords. They aim bitter words like arrows

4to shoot at innocent people from their hiding places. They shoot at them suddenly, without any fear.

5They encourage one another in their evil plans. They talk about setting traps and say, "Who can see them?"

6They search for the perfect crime and say, "We have perfected a foolproof scheme!" Human nature and the human heart are a mystery!

7But God will shoot them with an arrow. Suddenly, they will be struck dead.

8They will trip over their own tongues. Everyone who sees them will shake his head.

9Everyone will be afraid and conclude, "This is an act of God!" They will learn from what he has done.

10Righteous people will find joy in the LORD and take refuge in him. Everyone whose motives are decent will be able to brag.

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