5261. hupogrammos
Strong's Concordance
hupogrammos: a writing to be copied, an example
Original Word: ὑπογραμμός, οῦ, ὁ
Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Transliteration: hupogrammos
Phonetic Spelling: (hoop-og-ram-mos')
Definition: a writing to be copied, an example
Usage: a writing-copy, an example, pattern.
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from hupographó (to trace in outline, sketch out); from hupo and graphó
a writing to be copied, an example
NASB Translation
example (1).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 5261: ὑπογραμμός

ὑπογραμμός, ὑπογραμμου, (ὑπογράφω), properly,

1. a writing-copy, including all the letters of the alphabet, given to beginners as an aid in learning to draw them: Clement of Alexandria, strom. 5, 8, 50. Hence,

2. an example set before one: 1 Peter 2:21 (2 Macc. 2:28; Clement of Rome, 1 Cor. 16, 17 [ET]; 33, 8 [ET]; (Philo, fragment vol. ii., 667 Mang. (vi. 229 Richter)), and often in ecclesiastical writings; Παῦλος ὑπομονῆς γενόμενος μέγιστος ὑπογραμμός, Clement of Rome, 1 Cor. 5, 7 [ET] (where see Lightfoot)).

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

From a compound of hupo and grapho; an underwriting, i.e. Copy for imitation (figuratively) -- example.

see GREEK hupo

see GREEK grapho

Forms and Transliterations
υπογραμμον υπογραμμόν ὑπογραμμὸν hypogrammon hypogrammòn upogrammon
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Englishman's Concordance
1 Peter 2:21 N-AMS
GRK: ὑμῖν ὑπολιμπάνων ὑπογραμμὸν ἵνα ἐπακολουθήσητε
NAS: for you, leaving you an example for you to follow
KJV: us an example, that
INT: you leaving a model that you should follow after

Strong's Greek 5261
1 Occurrence

ὑπογραμμὸν — 1 Occ.

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