261. amathés
Strong's Concordance
amathés: unlearned
Original Word: ἀμαθής, ές
Part of Speech: Adjective
Transliteration: amathés
Phonetic Spelling: (am-ath-ace')
Definition: unlearned
Usage: unlearned, ignorant.
NAS Exhaustive Concordance
Word Origin
from alpha (as a neg. prefix) and manthanó
NASB Translation
untaught (1).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon
STRONGS NT 261: ἀμαθής

ἀμαθής, (ές, genitive (ους (μανθάνω, whence ἔμαθον, τό μάθος, cf. ἀληθής), unlearned, ignorant: 2 Peter 3:16. (In Greek writings from Herodotus down.)

Strong's Exhaustive Concordance

From a (as a negative particle) and manthano; ignorant -- unlearned.

see GREEK a

see GREEK manthano

Forms and Transliterations
αμαθεις αμαθείς ἀμαθεῖς άμαξα αμάξαις άμαξαν αμάξας αμάξη αμάξης amatheis amatheîs
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Englishman's Concordance
2 Peter 3:16 Adj-NMP
GRK: ἃ οἱ ἀμαθεῖς καὶ ἀστήρικτοι
NAS: which the untaught and unstable
KJV: which they that are unlearned and
INT: which the untaught and unestablished

Strong's Greek 261
1 Occurrence

ἀμαθεῖς — 1 Occ.

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