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Marriage of the Blessed virgin to Joseph
... The adornment of her hair was indescribably beautiful. It was parted in the
middle of her head and divided into a number of little plaits. ...
/.../emmerich/the life of the blessed virgin mary/vii marriage of the blessed.htm

The Unsatisfied Life and Its Remedy
... Changing His simile, the Bridegroom continues:". Thy cheeks are comely with plaits
of hair,. Thy neck with strings of jewels. We will make thee plaits of gold. ...
/.../taylor/union and communion/section i the unsatisfied life.htm

The Story of Benjamin.
... Within sat a young Egyptian, dressed in a robe of white linen, and wearing
a great black wig of horsehair with many small plaits. ...
/.../anonymous/children of the old testament/the story of benjamin.htm

Those who by Baptism have Put on Christ have Professed that they ...
... Notes. Ancient Epitome of Canon XCVI. Whoever twist up their hair into artistic
plaits for the destruction of the beholders are to be cut off. ...
/.../schaff/the seven ecumenical councils/canon xcvi those who by.htm

The Gods of Egypt
... The face was complete, the minute features as perfect as life, the plaits of
long hair and all the figure exquisitely copied and shaped. ...
// yoke/chapter xv the gods of.htm

True Prudence
... A thousand new accidents might spring up every hour, and scatter all his plaits
to the winds; and all that man could do was to comfort himself with the thought ...
/.../kingsley/the good news of god/sermon xxx true prudence.htm

A Savage Duel.
... One man plaits a crown of the thorns that grow so large in Palestine, and with no
easy gesture places it upon His head. A reed is placed in His hand. ...
// talks about jesus/a savage duel.htm

... of Cappadocia. The Hittites wore their hair in three plaits, which fell
over the back like the pigtail of a Chinaman. They dressed ...
/.../sayce/early israel and the surrounding nations/chapter ii canaan.htm

The Collar of Gold
... The moment the words passed her lips, Kenkenes, who still held the collar, put it
about her neck, passing his hands under the thick plaits, and snapped the ...
// yoke/chapter ix the collar of.htm

Tee Advice of Hotep
... if ready to receive. The hair was separated into two heavy plaits, which
fell below the waist down the back. One sandaled foot was ...
// yoke/chapter xvi tee advice of.htm

Plaits (2 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Plaits (2 Occurrences). Song of Songs 1:10 Thy cheeks
are comely with plaits 'of hair', Thy neck with strings of jewels. (ASV). ...
/p/plaits.htm - 6k

... 3. (vt) To clothe with a wimple; to cover, as with a veil; hence, to hoodwink. 4.
(vt) To draw down, as a veil; to lay in folds or plaits, as a veil. ...
/w/wimple.htm - 7k

Circlets (2 Occurrences)
... Multi-Version Concordance Circlets (2 Occurrences). Song of Songs 1:10 Thy cheeks
are comely with plaits of hair, Thy neck with strings of jewels. (See JPS). ...
/c/circlets.htm - 6k

Hair (135 Occurrences)
... It is likely that the expression signifies the plaits of hair which are even
now often worn by the young Bedouin warrior of the desert. ...
/h/hair.htm - 60k

Jewel (12 Occurrences)
... In Songs 1:10, where the King James Version has "rows (of jewels)," the Revised
Version (British and American) has "plaits (of hair)"; in Songs 7:1, the word ...
/j/jewel.htm - 12k

Gather (251 Occurrences)
... 4. (vt) To bring closely together the parts or particles of; to contract; to compress;
to bring together in folds or plaits, as a garment; also, to draw ...
/g/gather.htm - 47k

Fold (23 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary. 1. (vt) To lap or lay in plaits or folds; to lay one
part over another part of; to double; as, to fold cloth; to fold a letter. ...
/f/fold.htm - 17k

Plaiting (3 Occurrences)

/p/plaiting.htm - 8k

Beads (3 Occurrences)
... Jehovah.' (See RSV). Song of Songs 1:10 Thy cheeks are comely with plaits of
hair, Thy neck with strings of jewels. (See JPS NAS). Song of ...
/b/beads.htm - 7k

Studs (1 Occurrence)
... engraving," "stud"): Ornaments consisting of small silver points which it was proposed
(Songs 1:11) to affix to the new golden "plaits" (the Revised Version ...
/s/studs.htm - 7k

Bible Concordance
Plaits (2 Occurrences)

Song of Songs 1:10 Thy cheeks are comely with plaits 'of hair', Thy neck with strings of jewels.

Song of Songs 1:11 We will make thee plaits of gold With studs of silver.



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