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973. biastes -- a violent man
... Cognate: 973 -- positive assertiveness; used of the believer living in faith ("God's
inworked persuasions") guiding and empowering them to act forcefully -- ie ...
// - 6k

3453. mueo -- to initiate into the mysteries, hence to instruct
... 'I have been initiated' " (, 893).]. : of the Holy Spirit enables the believer to
learn "." By experiencing faith ("God's inworked persuasions"), every decision ...
// - 7k

2487. ichnos -- a track
... made by the sole of the foot (""); figuratively) the "footsteps" providing the for
others to follow, ie to live out "God's persuasions" (His inworkings of ...
// - 7k

2100. euaresteo -- to be well-pleasing
... Cognate: 2100 -- to please (gratify) by . We only please the Lord by living
("His inworked persuasions/preferences"). Accordingly ...
// - 7k

Strong's Hebrew
3948. leqach -- a learning, teaching
... Word Origin from laqach Definition a learning, teaching NASB Word Usage instruction
(1), learning (2), persuasions (1), persuasiveness (2), teaching (3). ...
/hebrew/3948.htm - 6k

Our Scriptures were Received by Ancient Christians of Different ...
... PART I. SECTION VII. Our Scriptures were received by ancient Christians
of different sects and persuasions� Our Scriptures were ...
/.../paley/evidences of christianity/section vii our scriptures were.htm

On the Lordship or Dominion of God
... is about to command some thing to his rational creature, he does not exact every
thing which he justly might do, and he employs persuasions through arguments ...
/.../the works of james arminius vol 2/disputation xxvii on the lordship.htm

"For if Ye Live after the Flesh, Ye Shall Die, but if Ye through ...
... such a way, as nothing should appear but his supreme will and almighty power, he
might simply command obedience, and without any more persuasions either leave ...
/.../binning/the works of the rev hugh binning/sermon xxxiv for if ye.htm

A Continuation of Mr Bunyan's Life; Beginning Where He Left Off ...
... patiently for the sake of a good conscience, and for the love of God in Jesus Christ
towards their souls, and by many cordial persuasions, supported some whose ...
/.../bunyan/grace abounding to the chief of sinners/a continuation of mr bunyans.htm

A Continuation of Mr. Bunyan's Life, Beginning Where He Left Off ...
... patiently for the sake of a good conscience, and for the love of God in Jesus Christ
towards their souls; and, by many cordial persuasions, supported some ...
/.../bunyan/the works of john bunyan volumes 1-3/a continuation of mr bunyans.htm

Concerning Bernice's Petition to Florus, to Spare the Jews, but in ...
... Now the seditious part would not comply with these persuasions; but the consideration
of those that had been destroyed made them incline to those that were the ...
/.../chapter 15 concerning bernices petition.htm

Three Afternoons Off the Track
... We thought the name appropriate. Cupid's Lake is peopled by Castes of various
persuasions; we made for the Robber quarter first. ...
/.../wilson-carmichael/things as they are/chapter ii three afternoons off.htm

Motives from the Difficulties of the Work
... heart! How strongly will it resist the most powerful persuasions, and hear
of everlasting life or death, as a thing of nought! If ...
// reformed pastor/article 2.htm

A Royal-Hearted Exile
... One thing alone the Emperor would not do in spite of all the persuasions
of the Arians"appoint a successor to the absent Patriarch. ...
/.../forbes/saint athanasius/chapter 6 a royal-hearted exile.htm

A Sketch of the Life of S. Gregory of Nyssa.
... It was owing to her persuasions that her brother Basil also gave up the worldly
life, and retired to lead the devout life in a wild spot in the immediate ...
/.../gregory/gregory of nyssa dogmatic treatises etc/chapter i a sketch of the.htm

Persuasions (1 Occurrence)
... Multi-Version Concordance Persuasions (1 Occurrence). Proverbs 7:21 With her fair
words she overcame him, forcing him with her smooth lips. (See NAS). ...
/p/persuasions.htm - 6k

Persuasion (2 Occurrences)
... 3. (n.) A creed or belief; a sect or party adhering to a certain creed or system
of opinions; as, of the same persuasion; all persuasions are agreed. ...
/p/persuasion.htm - 9k

Persuade (20 Occurrences)
... its parallels. (2) The "popular persuasions" of 1 Esdras 5:73 are "efforts
to persuade the people" (uncertain text, however). Acts ...
/p/persuade.htm - 15k

Persuasive (4 Occurrences)

/p/persuasive.htm - 7k

... Noah Webster's Dictionary (n.) One who, or that which, seduces; specifically, one
who prevails over the chastity of a woman by enticements and persuasions. ...
/s/seducer.htm - 9k

Bible Concordance
Persuasions (1 Occurrence)

Proverbs 7:21 With her fair words she overcame him, forcing him with her smooth lips.
(See NAS)



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