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2835. kodrantes -- quadrans, one-fourth of an as (a Roman monetary ...
... quadrans, one-fourth of an as (a Roman monetary unit). Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine
Transliteration: kodrantes Phonetic Spelling: (kod-ran'-tace) Short ...
// - 7k
Strong's Hebrew
7243. rebii -- fourth
... Word Origin from the same as arba Definition fourth NASB Word Usage four-sided
(1), fourth (51), one-fourth (1), square (1). foursquare, fourth part. ...
/hebrew/7243.htm - 6k

7253. reba -- fourth part, four sides (pl.)
... Word Origin from the same as arba Definition fourth part, four sides (pl.) NASB
Word Usage directions (2), fourth (1), one-fourth (1), sides (3). ...
/hebrew/7253.htm - 6k


Visits Midway. Attends the Missouri State Convention. Reflections. ...
... I gave half my time to Mt. Byrd, one-fourth to Glendale, and one-fourth
to my old home church"Pleasant Hill, in Oldham county. ...
/.../chapter xvii visits midway attends.htm

The Teaching of Matthew 13 Proves that no Era of Millennial ...
... Only one fourth of it fell upon "good ground" and even there the fruitage varied
and decreased in its yield from a hundred-fold to thirty-fold (see vs.23). ...
/...// redeemers return/2 the teaching of matthew.htm

Wesley Seized for a Soldier
... Ives. After a few hours' rest, we rode to Gwennap. Finding the house would not
contain one fourth of the people, I stood before the door. ...
/.../wesley/the journal of john wesley/wesley seized for a soldier.htm

Catholicism and Romanism.
... [160] It is estimated that there are about 370 millions of Christians in the world,
which is not much more than one fourth of the human family (1,370,000,000). ...
/.../ 22 catholicism and romanism.htm

The City of the "Elegant Gate"[*]
... percent. "In the seven districts of the Chiang-chiu prefecture the number
is rather more than one-fourth or less than three-tenths. ...
/...// years in south china/iii the city of the.htm

The Life of Constantine.
... These amount at the very least estimate to more than one-fourth of the whole matter,
and the appended oration of Constantine is nearly as much more. ...
/.../pamphilius/the life of constantine/section 1 the life of.htm

Essay vi. "The Way of Ancient Ordinance, Though it Winds, is yet ...
... The number of inhabitants (he would state) was prodigious compared with the extent
of the island, though from the fear of the Moors one-fourth of its surface ...
/.../coleridge/confessions of an inquiring spirit etc/essay vi the way of.htm

The Organized Sunday School Bible Class
... Special meetings may be called at any time by the president, and the presence of
one-fourth of the enrolled membership shall be necessary for the transaction ...
/.../alexander/the boy and the sunday school/viii the organized sunday school.htm

Deterioration in New York.
... Dutch language. In 1776 the church was reduced to ashes by the great fire
which destroyed about one-fourth of the city. Though losing ...
/.../ lutheranism/deterioration in new york.htm

The Ignatian Epistles and their Claims. The External Evidence.
... The productions ascribed to this author, and now reputed genuine by the most learned
of their recent editors, might all be printed on the one-fourth of a page ...
/.../killen/the ancient church/chapter ii the ignatian epistles.htm

One-fourth (3 Occurrences)
One-fourth. One-fifth, One-fourth. One-god . Multi-Version
Concordance One-fourth (3 Occurrences). Exodus 29:40 And ...
/o/one-fourth.htm - 7k

One-fifth (7 Occurrences)
One-fifth. One-eyed, One-fifth. One-fourth . Multi-Version Concordance
One-fifth (7 Occurrences). ... (See NAS). One-eyed, One-fifth. One-fourth . Reference ...
/o/one-fifth.htm - 8k

Quarter (33 Occurrences)
... 5. (n.) One limb of a quadruped with the adjacent parts; onefourth part of the
carcass of a slaughtered animal, including a leg; as, the fore quarters; the ...
/q/quarter.htm - 21k

One-god (2 Occurrences)
One-god. One-fourth, One-god. One-half . Multi-Version Concordance One-god
(2 Occurrences). ... (WEB). One-fourth, One-god. One-half . Reference Bible.
/o/one-god.htm - 6k

Jehoahaz (22 Occurrences)
... The territory beyond Jordan, embracing 2 1/2 tribes, or one-fourth of the whole
kingdom, had been lost in warfare with the Syrian king, Hazael (2 Kings 10:32 ...
/j/jehoahaz.htm - 23k

Fillet (1 Occurrence)
... 6. (n.) An ordinary equaling in breadth onefourth of the chief, to the lowest portion
of which it corresponds in position. 7. (n.) The thread of a screw. ...
/f/fillet.htm - 9k

Tetrarch (5 Occurrences)
... TETRARCH. te'-trark, tet'-rark tetrarches): As the name indicates it signifies
a prince, who governs one-fourth of a domain or kingdom. ...
/t/tetrarch.htm - 9k

...One-fourth of an hin of wine was required for one lamb, one-third for a
ram, and one-half for a bullock (Numbers 15:5; 28:7, 14). ...
/d/drinkoffering.htm - 7k

Drink-offering (33 Occurrences)
...One-fourth of an hin of wine was required for one lamb, one-third for a
ram, and one-half for a bullock (Numbers 15:5; 28:7, 14). ...
/d/drink-offering.htm - 18k

Mite (1 Occurrence)
... According to Mark, the lepton was only half a kodrantes (Latin quadrans), which
would indicate a value of about one-fourth of a cent or half an English farthing ...
/m/mite.htm - 8k

Bible Concordance
One-fourth (3 Occurrences)

Exodus 29:40 And with the one lamb a tenth part of an ephah of fine flour mingled with the fourth part of a hin of beaten oil; and the fourth part of a hin of wine for a drink-offering.
(See NAS)

Numbers 15:4 then he who offers his offering shall offer to Yahweh a meal offering of a tenth part of an ephah of fine flour mixed with the fourth part of a hin of oil:
(See NAS)

Numbers 15:5 And the fourth part of an hin of wine for a drink offering shalt thou prepare with the burnt offering or sacrifice, for one lamb.
(See NAS)



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