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Strong's Hebrew
5120. nut -- to dangle, shake
... 5119, 5120. nut. 5121 . to dangle, shake. Transliteration: nut Phonetic Spelling:
(noot) Short Definition: shake. Word Origin a prim. ... 5119, 5120. nut. 5121 ...
/hebrew/5120.htm - 5k

93. egoz -- nuts
... 92, 93. egoz. 94 . nuts. Transliteration: egoz Phonetic Spelling: (eg-oze')
Short Definition: nut. ... nut. Prob of Persian origin; a nut -- nut. 92, 93. ...
/hebrew/93.htm - 5k

992. botnim -- pistachio
... nut. From beten; (only in plural) a pistachio-nut (from its form) -- nut. see
HEBREW beten. 991, 992. botnim. 993 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/992.htm - 6k

3869. luz -- almond tree, almond wood
... hazel. Probably of foreign origin; some kind of nut-tree, perhaps the almond --
hazel. 3868, 3869. luz. 3870 . Strong's Numbers.
/hebrew/3869.htm - 5k

8247. shaqed -- almond (tree)
... almond tree. From shaqad; the almond (tree or nut; as being the earliest in bloom) --
almond (tree). see HEBREW shaqad. 8246, 8247. shaqed. 8248 . ...
/hebrew/8247.htm - 6k


Christ Teaching by Parables
... Some one has well said that truth, taught by a parable, is like the kernel hid away
in a nut. The parable, like the shell of the nut, covers up the kernel. ...
/.../newton/the life of jesus christ for the young/christ teaching by parables.htm

Authority and the Adventurer
... If you see clearly the kernel of common-sense in the nut of Christian orthodoxy,
why cannot you simply take the kernel and leave the nut? ...
/.../ authority and the adventurer.htm

... "A" is pronounced like "u" in "up.". ANNA One penny. ARECA NUT Nut "eaten" by
the Indians with betel leaf or lime. BETEL Leaf of a creeper. ...
// as they are/glossary.htm

Getting the Kernel
... with keen relish. Presently a nut fell to the floor. The smallest ... shell
was broken. The Scriptures are just like that nut. If we ...
/.../naylor/heart talks/talk forty-eight getting the kernel.htm

How Love Spreads Its Excellence Over the Other virtues, Perfecting ...
... love, with all virtues grafted thereon; in such sort that, as one might have said
of this tree that it was a cherry tree, an apple, a nut, a pomegranate, so ...
/.../francis/treatise on the love of god/chapter v how love spreads.htm

Dialogue Between a Gentleman and a Shepherd.
... lighted wave offerings, offerings of money, of ornaments, votive offerings, and
consecrated cattle; persons who give their hair, cocoa-nut scramblers, lamp ...
// daniel/chapter five dialogue between a.htm

A Provision Ground
... And we must not overlook the French Physic-nut, {313h} with its hemp like leaves,
and a little bunch of red coral in the midst, with which the loves to ...
// last/chapter xvi a provision ground.htm

The Cocal
... Every nut which falls and lies, throws out, during the wet season, its roots into
the sand; and is ready to take the place of its parent when the old tree dies ...
// last/chapter xiii the cocal.htm

The Evolution of a Mother
... It elaborates a seed or nut or fruit with infinite precaution, surrounding the embryo
with coat after coat of protective substance, and storing around it the ...
/.../the lowell lectures on the ascent of man/chapter viii the evolution of.htm

The Typical Significance of the Scriptures Declare their Divine ...
... Word of God. Take Christ out of Old Testament ritual and you are left with
nothing but the dry and empty shell of a nut. It is therefore ...
/.../the divine inspiration of the bible/chapter six the typical significance.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) The fruit of certain trees and shrubs (as of the almond, walnut, hickory, beech, filbert, etc.), consisting of a hard and indehiscent shell inclosing a kernel.

2. (n.) A perforated block (usually a small piece of metal), provided with an internal or female screw thread, used on a bolt, or screw, for tightening or holding something, or for transmitting motion.

3. (n.) The tumbler of a gunlock.

4. (n.) A projection on each side of the shank of an anchor, to secure the stock in place.

5. (v. i.) To gather nuts.

Nut (1 Occurrence)
... 4. (n.) A projection on each side of the shank of an anchor, to secure the stock
in place. 5. (vi) To gather nuts. Multi-Version Concordance Nut (1 Occurrence). ...
/n/nut.htm - 7k

Chestnut (2 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary. 1. (n.) The edible nut of a forest tree (Castanea vesca)
of Europe and America. ... 3. (n.) A bright brown color, like that of the nut. ...
/c/chestnut.htm - 8k

Strip (33 Occurrences)
... 8. (vt) To tear off (the thread) from a bolt or nut; as, the thread is stripped.
9. (vt) To tear off the thread from (a bolt or nut); as, the bolt is stripped. ...
/s/strip.htm - 18k

Kernel (4 Occurrences)
... inner part of a grain or seed, often the edible part; all that is within the seed
walls; the edible substance contained in the shell of a nut; hence, anything ...
/k/kernel.htm - 8k

Thread (32 Occurrences)
... 3. (n.) The prominent part of the spiral of a screw or nut; the rib. ... 8. (vt) To form
a thread, or spiral rib, on or in; as, to thread a screw or nut. ...
/t/thread.htm - 16k

Pistachio (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary (n.) The nut of the Pistacia vera, a tree of the order
Anacardiaceae, containing a kernel of a pale greenish color, which has a ...
/p/pistachio.htm - 7k

Nuts (2 Occurrences)

/n/nuts.htm - 8k

No-amon (1 Occurrence)
... no-a'-mon (no' 'amon, Egyptian nut, "a city," with the feminine ending t, and Amon,
proper name of a god, City Amon, ie the "City," paragraph excellence, of ...
/n/no-amon.htm - 8k

... no-a'-mon (no' 'amon, Egyptian nut, "a city," with the feminine ending t, and Amon,
proper name of a god, City Amon, ie the "City," paragraph excellence, of ...
/n/noamon.htm - 7k

Note (129 Occurrences)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (vt) To butt; to push with the horns. 2. (n.) Know
not; knows not. 3. (n.) Nut. 4. (n.) Need; needful business. ...
/n/note.htm - 37k

Bible Concordance
Nut (1 Occurrence)

Song of Songs 6:11 I went down into the nut tree grove, to see the green plants of the valley, to see whether the vine budded, and the pomegranates were in flower.



Nut: General Scriptures Concerning

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