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Strong's Hebrew
3433. Yashubi Lechem -- "returner of bread," a man of Judah
... "returner of bread," a man of Judah. Transliteration: Yashubi Lechem Phonetic Spelling:
(yaw-shoo-bee' leh'-khem) Short Definition: Jashubi-lehem. ... Jashubi-lehem. ...
/hebrew/3433.htm - 6k

1035. Beth Lechem -- "place of bread," a city in Judah, also a ...
... Beth-lehem. From bayith and lechem; house of bread; Beth- Lechem, a place in Palestine
-- Beth-lehem. see HEBREW bayith. see HEBREW lechem. 1034, 1035. ...
/hebrew/1035.htm - 6k


... A Chorographical Century. Chapters 51-60 Chapter 51 Beth-lehem. ... But by what liberty
the other should render it Beth-lehem, let himself see. ...
/.../lightfoot/from the talmud and hebraica/chapter 51 beth-lehem.htm

A Gentle Heroine, a Gentile Convert
... When she saw that she was stedfastly minded to go with her, then she left speaking
unto her.19. So they two went until they came to Beth-lehem. ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture f/a gentle heroine a gentile.htm

A Libation to Jehovah
... 'And David longed, and said, Oh that one would give me drink of the water
of the well of Beth-lehem, which is by the gate! 16. And ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture f/a libation to jehovah.htm

From the Talmud and Hebraica
... A Chorographical Century. Chapters 51-60. Chapter 51 Beth-lehem. Chapter 52
Betar. Chapter 53 Ephraim. Chapter 54 Tsok: and Beth Chadudo. ...
//christianbookshelf.org/lightfoot/from the talmud and hebraica/

The Incarnation and Birth of Christ
... (No.57). Delivered on Sabbath Morning, December 23rd, 1855, by the. REV. CH SPURGEON.
At New Park Street Chapel, Southwark. "But thou, Beth-lehem Ephratah, though ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 2 1856/the incarnation and birth of.htm

Jonathan, the Pattern of Friendship
... in the field unto the third day at even.6. If thy father at all miss me, then say,
David earnestly asked leave of me that he might run to Beth-lehem his city ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture f/jonathan the pattern of friendship.htm

The Shepherd-King
... I will show thee what thou shalt do: and thou shalt anoint unto Me him whom I name
unto thee.4. And Samuel did that which the Lord spake, and came to Beth-lehem ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture f/the shepherd-king.htm

Letter Lxvi. To Pammachius.
... [1980] Virg. Æn. vii. 112-129. [1981] Beth-lehem means house of bread.'. [1982]
v. 14 below. [1983] Genesis 13:5-11. [1984] The letter U. Cf. Pers. iii. ...
/.../jerome/the principal works of st jerome/letter lxvi to pammachius.htm

The Israelites
... But the Philistine war still continued. Saul had incorporated in his body-guard
a young shepherd of Beth-lehem in Judah of the name of David. ...
/.../sayce/early israel and the surrounding nations/chapter i the israelites.htm

Lehem (1 Occurrence)
... Multi-Version Concordance Lehem (1 Occurrence). 1 Chronicles 4:22 and Jokim,
and the men of Cozeba, and Joash, and Saraph, who had ...
/l/lehem.htm - 6k

Beth-lehem (49 Occurrences)
Beth-lehem. Bethlehem, Beth-lehem. Bethlehemite . Multi-Version
Concordance Beth-lehem (49 Occurrences). Matthew 2:1 ...
/b/beth-lehem.htm - 21k

Jashubi-lehem (1 Occurrence)
Jashubi-lehem. Jashubilehem, Jashubi-lehem. Jashubite . Int. Standard
Bible Encyclopedia JASHUBI-LEHEM. ja-shoo-bi-le'-hem ...
/j/jashubi-lehem.htm - 7k

Beth-lehem-judah (9 Occurrences)
Beth-lehem-judah. Bethlehem-judah, Beth-lehem-judah. Bethlomon .
Multi-Version Concordance Beth-lehem-judah (9 Occurrences). ...
/b/beth-lehem-judah.htm - 9k

Water-hole (25 Occurrences)
... 2 Samuel 23:15 And David, moved by a strong desire, said, If only someone would
give me a drink of water from the water-hole of Beth-lehem, by the doorway into ...
/w/water-hole.htm - 14k

Inmost (49 Occurrences)
... no king in Israel, a certain Levite was living in the inmost parts of the hill-country
of Ephraim, and he got for himself a servant-wife from Beth-lehem-judah. ...
/i/inmost.htm - 20k

Eph'rathah (6 Occurrences)
... come into thy house like Rachel and like Leah, which two did build the house of
Israel; and do thou worthily in Ephrath, and be famous in Beth-lehem; (See RSV). ...
/e/eph'rathah.htm - 8k

Living-place (83 Occurrences)
... Judges 17:8 And he went away from the town of Beth-lehem-judah, looking for somewhere
to make his living-place; and on his journey he came to the hill-country ...
/l/living-place.htm - 32k

Bethlehem (49 Occurrences)
... It was also called Beth-lehem Ephratah (Micah 5:2), Beth-lehem-judah (1 Samuel
17:12), and "the city of David" (Luke 2:4). It is first noticed in Scripture as ...
/b/bethlehem.htm - 31k

Jashubilehem (1 Occurrence)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia JASHUBI-LEHEM. ja-shoo-bi-le'-hem
(yashubhi-lechem): A name in 1 Chronicles 4:22 where commentators ...
/j/jashubilehem.htm - 7k

Bible Concordance
Lehem (1 Occurrence)

1 Chronicles 4:22 and Jokim, and the men of Cozeba, and Joash, and Saraph, who had dominion in Moab, and Jashubilehem. The records are ancient.



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