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1200. desmophulax -- a prison keeper
... a prison keeper. Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine Transliteration: desmophulax Phonetic
Spelling: (des-mof-oo'-lax) Short Definition: a keeper of a prison, a ...
// - 6k

5441. phulax -- a guard, keeper
... a guard, keeper. Part of Speech: Noun, Masculine Transliteration: phulax Phonetic
Spelling: (foo'-lax) Short Definition: a guard, keeper, sentinel Definition: a ...
// - 6k

2991. laxeutos -- hewn (in stone)
... hewn (in stone). Part of Speech: Adjective Transliteration: laxeutos Phonetic Spelling:
(lax-yoo-tos') Short Definition: hewn out of the rock Definition: hewn ...
// - 6k

2979b. laktizo -- to kick
... to kick. Transliteration: laktizo Short Definition: kick. Word Origin from lax
(with the foot) Definition to kick NASB Word Usage kick (1). 2979a, 2979b. ...
// - 5k

2979. laktizo -- kick.
... kick. From adverb lax (heelwise); to recalcitrate -- kick. (laktizein) -- 1
Occurrence. 2978, 2979. laktizo. 2979a . Strong's Numbers.
// - 5k

Strong's Hebrew
7496. rapha -- shades, ghosts
... dead, deceased. From rapha' in the sense of raphah; properly, lax, ie (figuratively)
a ghost (as dead; in plural only) -- dead, deceased. see HEBREW rapha'. ...
/hebrew/7496.htm - 6k

The Lax and Dangerous views of this Sect Respecting Good Works ...
... Chapter XXX."The Lax and Dangerous Views of This Sect Respecting Good Works
That These are Unnecessary to the Spiritual Man. For ...
/.../tertullian/against the valentinians/chapter xxx the lax and dangerous.htm

The New Testament Immediately Emancipated Itself from the ...
... The attitude of Tertullian and of his lax opponents in Carthage and Rome, who were
in absolute agreement with him in the valuation of the New Testament and in ...
/.../harnack/the origin of the new testament/ 1 the new testament.htm

The New Testament Obscured the True Origin and the Historical ...
... Already in Tertullian"both in his own use of the New Testament as well as in that
of his Lax opponents"we may observe all the fatal consequences for ...
/.../harnack/the origin of the new testament/ 6 the new testament.htm

Letter xxviii (Circa AD 1130) to the Abbots Assembled at Soissons
... He recommends to them a great desire of spiritual progress, and begs them not to
be delayed in their work if lukewarm and lax persons should perhaps murmur. ...
/.../letter xxviii circa a d 1130.htm

The Third Chapter: it is Profitable to Receive Communion Often
... It is indeed necessary for me, who fall and sin so often, who so quickly become
lax and weak, to renew, cleanse, and inflame myself through frequent prayer ...
/.../kempis/the imitation of christ/the third chapter it is.htm

Anathema and Grace
... He has had to rebuke the Corinthians for many faults, party spirit, lax morality,
toleration of foul sins, grave abuses in their worship even at the Lord's ...
/.../maclaren/romans corinthians to ii corinthians chap v/anathema and grace.htm

Theological Studies. Religious Life.
... The Jansenists, however, in their eagerness to damage the reputation of their Jesuit
opponents charged them with having introduced this novel and lax system of ...
/.../chapter x theological studies religious.htm

"The Great Awakening. "
... This religious revival spread slowly through generally lax New England, and through
the no less lax Jerseys, and through the backwoods settlements of ...
/.../chapter ix the great awakening.htm

Appendix iv
... passages in which he reports instances where passages from the New Testament were
employed as proof-texts against himself by his adversaries the "Lax" or, in ...
/...// origin of the new testament/appendix iv.htm

Novatus, his Manner of Life and his Heresy.
... The schism of Novatian was only one of the outcrops of the old strife between lax
and strict discipline in the Church, the strife which had shown itself in ...
/.../pamphilius/church history/chapter xliii novatus his manner of.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (a.) Not tense, firm, or rigid; loose; slack; as, a lax bandage; a lax standard of discipline; lax fiber.

2. (v. t.) Not strict or stringent; not exact; loose; weak; vague; equivocal.

3. (v. t.) Having a looseness of the bowels; diarrheal.

4. (n.) A looseness; diarrhea.

Lax (1 Occurrence)
... Noah Webster's Dictionary 1. (a.) Not tense, firm, or rigid; loose; slack; as, a
lax bandage; a lax standard of discipline; lax fiber. ...Lax (1 Occurrence). ...
/l/lax.htm - 6k

Relax (5 Occurrences)
... 1. (n.) To make lax or loose; to make less close, firm, rigid, tense, or the like;
to slacken; to loosen; to open; as, to relax a rope or cord; to relax the ...
/r/relax.htm - 9k

Loose (219 Occurrences)
... 7. (superl.) Unconnected; rambling. 8. (superl.) Lax; not costive; having lax bowels.
9. (superl.) Dissolute; unchaste; as, a loose man or woman. 10. ...
/l/loose.htm - 38k

Lawyers (5 Occurrences)

/l/lawyers.htm - 7k

General (9 Occurrences)
... 3. (a.) Not restrained or limited to a precise import; not specific; vague; indefinite;
lax in signification; as, a loose and general expression. ...
/g/general.htm - 49k

Rigid (1 Occurrence)
... 2. (a.) Hence, not lax or indulgent; severe; inflexible; strict; as, a rigid father
or master; rigid discipline; rigid criticism; a rigid sentence. ...
/r/rigid.htm - 6k

Pharisees (86 Occurrences)
... Theirs was a very lax morality (Matthew 5:20; 15:4, 8; 23:3, 14, 23, 25; John
8:7). On the first notice of them in the New Testament (Matthew 3:7), they are ...
/p/pharisees.htm - 66k

Colossae (1 Occurrence)
... In religion the people were specially lax, worshipping angels. Of them, Michael
was the chief, and the protecting saint of the city. ...
/c/colossae.htm - 9k

Adlai (1 Occurrence)
... ad'-la-i, ad'-li (`adhlay; Septuagint Adli and Adai, "lax, weary"): The father of
Shaphat, an overseer of David's herds in the lowlands (1 Chronicles 27:29). ...
/a/adlai.htm - 7k

Slack (19 Occurrences)
... culm. 2. (n.) A valley, or small, shallow dell. 3. (superl.) Lax; not tense;
not hard drawn; not firmly extended; as, a slack rope. 4 ...
/s/slack.htm - 12k

Bible Concordance
Lax (1 Occurrence)

Jeremiah 48:10 Cursed is he who does the work of Yahweh negligently; and cursed is he who keeps back his sword from blood.
(See NIV)



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