Gilead or Galeed
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Gilead or Galeed

Genesis 31:45-48, the mound of witness, lay east of the Jordan, in the mountainous tract which runs from mount Hermon southward, between the Jordan and Arabia Deserta. The scenery among these mountains is described as very fine. The plains are covered with a fertile soil, the hills are clothed with forests, and at every new turn beautiful landscapes are presented. The Scripture references to the stately oaks and herds of cattle in this region are well known, Genesis 37:25 Numbers 32:1.

The name Gilead is sometimes put for the whole country east of the Jordan. Thus, in De 34:1, God is said to have showed Moses, from mount Nebo, "all the land of Gilead unto Dan." Compare Numbers 32:26,29 De 3:12. The proper region of Gilead, however, lay south of Bashan, but probably without any very definite line of separation. Bashan and Gilead are often mentioned together, Joshua 12:5 13:11 17:1,5 2 Kings 10:33. A part of Gilead was the district now called Belka, one of the most fertile in Palestine. See BALM, or more properly, BALSAM and BASHAN.

Mount Gilead, in the strictest sense, was doubtless the mountain now called Jebel, Jelad or Jelud, mentioned by Burckhardt, the foot of which lies about two hours' distance, or six miles, south of the Wady Zerka, or Jabbok. The mountain itself runs from east to west and is about two hours and a half (eight or ten miles) in length. Upon it are the ruined towns of Jelad and Jelud; probably the site of the ancient city Gilead of Hosea 6:8, else where called Ramoth Gilead. Southward of this mountain stands the modern city of Szalt. It was probably in this mountain that Jacob and Laban set up their monument, Genesis 31:45-48. See also Jud 7:3.


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