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2256. chebel -- cord, territory, band
... 2255, 2256. chebel. 2256a . cord, territory, band. Transliteration: chebel
Phonetic Spelling: (kheh'-bel) Short Definition: band. ... 2255, 2256. chebel. 2256a ...
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2256a. chebel -- cord, territory, band
... 2256, 2256a. chebel. 2256b . cord, territory, band. Transliteration: chebel
Short Definition: cords. ... 2256, 2256a. chebel. 2256b . Strong's Numbers.
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2256c. chebel -- destruction
... 2256b, 2256c. chebel. 2257 . destruction. Transliteration: chebel Short Definition:
destruction. ... 2256b, 2256c. chebel. 2257 . Strong's Numbers.
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2256b. chebel -- a pain, pang
... 2256a, 2256b. chebel. 2256c . a pain, pang. Transliteration: chebel Short
Definition: pangs. ... 2256a, 2256b. chebel. 2256c . Strong's Numbers.
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8458. tachbulah -- direction, counsel
... Or tachbuwlah {takh-boo-law'}; from chabal as denominative from chebel; (only in
plural) properly, steerage (as a management of ropes), ie (figuratively ...
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2259. chobel -- sailor
... Definition: pilots. Word Origin from chebel Definition sailor NASB Word
Usage captain* (1), pilots (4). pilot, shipmaster. Active ...
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2260a. chibbel -- probably a mast
... probably a mast. Transliteration: chibbel Short Definition: mast. Word Origin from
chebel Definition probably a mast NASB Word Usage mast (1). 2260, 2260a. ...
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Smith's Bible Dictionary

(cord), one of the singular topographical terms in which the ancient Hebrew language abounded. We find it always attached to the region of Argob. (3:4,13,14; 1 Kings 4:13)



Chebar: A River of Mesopotamia


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