Titus 3
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Heirs of Grace

1Warne them that they submytte them selues vnto Prynces and to the hyer auctorite, to obey the officers, to be ready vnto all good workes, 2that they speake euell of no man, that they be no stryuers, but soft, shewynge all mekenes vnto all men.

3For we oure selues also were in tymes past, vnwyse, dishobedient, in erroure, seruynge lustes and dyuerse maners of voluptuousnes, lyuynge in maliciousnes and envye, full of hate, hatynge one another. 4But after that ye kyndnesse and loue of God oure Sauioure to man warde appeared, 5not for ye dedes of righteousnes which we wroughte, but after his mercy he saued vs by the fountayne of the new byrth, and renuynge of the holy goost, 6which he shed on vs abundauntly, thorow Iesus Christ oure Sauioure: 7yt we beynge made righteous by his grace, shulde be heyres of eternall life acordynge to hope. 8This is a true sayege. Of these thinges wolde I that thou shuldest speake earnestly, that they which are become beleuers in God, might be diligent to excell in good workes: for these thinges are good and profitable vnto me.

Avoid Divisions
(Romans 16:17–20)

9As for folish questions, and genealogies, and braulynges and stryuynges aboute ye lawe, auoyde the, for they are vnprofitable and vayne. 10A ma that is geuen vnto heresye, after ye first and seconde monicion, auoyde, 11and knowe, that he that is soch, is peruerted, & synneth euen damned by his awne iudgment.

Final Remarks and Greetings

12Whan I shal sende Artemas or Tichicus vnto ye, make spede to come to me vnto Nicopolis, for I haue determyned there to wynter. 13Brynge Zenas ye Scrybe and Apollos on their iourney diligently, that nothinge be lackynge vnto them. 14And let oures also learne to excell in good workes, as farre forth as nede requyreth, that they be not vnfrutefull.

15All they that are with me, salute the. Grete them that loue vs in the faith. Grace be with you all, Amen.

Coverdale Bible of 1535

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