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Adami (1 Occurrence)

Joshua 19:33 Their border was from Heleph, from the oak in Zaanannim, Adaminekeb, and Jabneel, to Lakkum. It ended at the Jordan.

Adami (1 Occurrence)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia ADAMI. ad'-a-mi; a-da'-mi ... Joshua 19:33).
Multi-Version Concordance Adami (1 Occurrence). Joshua 19:33 ...
/a/adami.htm - 7k

Adami-nekeb (1 Occurrence)
Adami-nekeb. Adaminekeb, Adami-nekeb. Ad'ami-nekeb . Int. Standard
Bible Encyclopedia ADAMI-NEKEB. ad'-a-mi ne'-keb 'adhami ...
/a/adami-nekeb.htm - 8k

Adami-hannekeb (1 Occurrence)
Adami-hannekeb. Adami, Adami-hannekeb. Adaminekeb . Multi-Version
Concordance Adami-hannekeb (1 Occurrence). Joshua ...
/a/adami-hannekeb.htm - 6k

Adaminekeb (1 Occurrence)
...ADAMI-NEKEB. ... In the King James Version, Adami and Nekeb are given as separate names,
and it is an open question which view of the matter is correct. ...
/a/adaminekeb.htm - 8k

Nekeb (1 Occurrence)
... ne'-keb: This name occurs only in combination with "Adami" ('adhami ha-neqebh,
"Adami of the pass"); Septuagint reads the names of two places: kai Arme kai ...
/n/nekeb.htm - 7k

Books (16 Occurrences)
... The Vita Adami was translated from the Ethiopic by Dillmann (1853), and into
English by Malan (The Book of Adam and Eve, London, 1882). ...
/b/books.htm - 101k

Adamant (2 Occurrences)

/a/adamant.htm - 9k

Zaanannim (2 Occurrences)
... preposition before "z", but the first letter of the name, which accordingly should
be read "Bezaanannim." We should naturally look for it near Adami and Nekeb. ...
/z/zaanannim.htm - 8k

Za-anan'nim (2 Occurrences)
... Joshua 19:33 And their border was from Heleph, from Elon-beza-anannim, and
Adami-nekeb, and Jabneel, unto Lakkum; and the goings out thereof were at the Jordan ...
/z/za-anan'nim.htm - 7k

Hitchcock's Bible Names Dictionary

my man; red; earthy; human

Smith's Bible Dictionary

(my man, earth), a place on the border of Naphtali. (Joshua 19:33)

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

ad'-a-mi; a-da'-mi: Mentioned in the King James Version as a separate name, where the Revised Version (British and American) has ADAMI-NEKEB, which see (Joshua 19:33).

Strong's Hebrew
129. Adami Hanneqeb -- a place on the border of Naphtali
Adami Hanneqeb. 128, 129. Adami Hanneqeb. 130 . a place on the border of
Naphtali. Transliteration: Adami Hanneqeb Phonetic Spelling ...
/hebrew/129.htm - 6k

The Helvetic Consensus Formula. AD 1675.
... 1664. Placeus: De statu hominis lapsi ante gratiam, 1640; his defense, De imputatione
primi peccati Adami, 1655, in his Opera omnia, 1699 and 1702, two vols. ...
/.../ 61 the helvetic consensus.htm

The Lutheran Confessions.
... The second ed. (746 pages) is the authentic Latin editio princeps. The same edition,
cum Appendice tripartita Dr. Adami Rechenbergii, Lips. ...
/.../ 40 the lutheran confessions.htm

The Westminster Shorter Catechism. AD 1647.
... Ques.16. Did all mankind fall in Adam's first transgression? Quæs. Totumne
genus humanum cecidit in prima Adami transgressione? Ans. ...
/.../the westminster shorter catechism a d.htm

Formula Concordiæ.
... Deus enim non modo Adami et Hevæ corpus et animam ante lapsum, verum etiam corpora
et animas nostras post lapsum creavit; etsi hæc jam aunt corrupta. ...
/.../schaff/the creeds of the evangelical protestant churches/formula concordiae.htm

Articuli xxxix. Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ. AD 1562.
... Peccatum originis non est (et fabulantur Pelagiani) in imitatione Adami situm, sed
est vitium et deprauatio naturæ cuiuslibet hominis ex Adamo naturaliter ...
/.../articuli xxxix ecclesiae anglicanae a d.htm

Catechismus Genevensis, Consensus Tigurinus, Consensus Genevensis.
... infirmum est nostrum illud liberum arbitrium, propter reliquias remanentis in nobis,
ad finem usque vitæ nostræ, veteris Adami, agnatæque corruptionis ...
/.../catechismus genevensis consensus tigurinus consensus.htm

The Augsburg Confession, 1530.
... copy was lost long ago, and he published, in 1730, what was regarded as a true copy
of the original; but he was fiercely assailed by Adami, Feuerlin, and others ...
/.../ 41 the augsburg confession.htm

Analysis of the Westminster Confession.
... for the elect, [with] conditional intention for the reprobate in case they do believe;
that all men should be salvabiles, non obstante lapsu Adami; that Jesus ...
/.../creeds of christendom with a history and critical notes/ 95 analysis of the.htm

Grace, Actual and Habitual. <. ...
// actual and habitual/footnotes.htm



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