1 Kings 21:14
Then they sent to Jezebel, saying, Naboth is stoned, and is dead.
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1 Kings 21:14. They sent to Jezebel — By whom they were not ignorant the affairs of the kingdom were in a great measure managed, and this design contrived: saying, Naboth is stoned — Which they knew would be an agreeable piece of news to her who had imbrued her hands in the blood of so many of the Lord’s prophets. Here let us observe, that as obsequious as the elders of Jezreel were to Jezebel’s orders, which she sent from Samaria for the murder of Naboth, so obsequious were the elders of Samaria afterward to Jehu’s orders, which he sent from Jezreel, for the murder of Ahab’s seventy sons, only that was not done by course of lay. “Those tyrants,” says Henry, “that, by their wicked orders, debauch the consciences of their inferior magistrates, may perhaps find at last the wheel return upon them; and that those, who will not stick to do one cruel thing for them, will be as ready, when occasion offers, to do another cruel thing against them.”

21:5-16 When, instead of a help meet, a man has an agent for Satan, in the form of an artful, unprincipled, yet beloved wife, fatal effects may be expected. Never were more wicked orders given by any prince, than those Jezebel sent to the rulers of Jezreel. Naboth must be murdered under colour of religion. There is no wickedness so vile, so horrid, but religion has sometimes been made a cover for it. Also, it must be done under colour of justice, and with the formalities of legal process. Let us, from this sad story, be amazed at the wickedness of the wicked, and the power of Satan in the children of disobedience. Let us commit the keeping of our lives and comforts to God, for innocence will not always be our security; and let us rejoice in the knowledge that all will be set to rights in the great day.Naboth had sons who were also put to death at this time (marginal reference). It is not improbable that they were stoned together with their parent (compare Joshua 7:24-25). In the East, a parent's guilt constantly involves the punishment of his children. Contrast 2 Kings 14:6. 14-16. Jezebel said to Ahab, Arise, take possession—Naboth's execution having been announced, and his family being involved in the same fatal sentence (2Ki 9:26), his property became forfeited to the crown, not by law, but traditionary usage (see 2Sa 16:4). They sent to Jezebel; by whom they knew the affairs of the kingdom were managed, and this design contrived.

Then they sent to Jezebel, saying, Naboth is stoned, and is dead. Not only stoned, but stoned to death. This message was sent to her from the magistrates of Jezreel; for though the letters came in Ahab's name, they might be privately informed that this was a scheme of Jezebel's; besides, they knew she had the sway at court, and especially that the news of this man's death would be acceptable to her, and the more if he was of the 7000 that would not bow the knee to Baal. Then they sent to Jezebel, saying, Naboth is stoned, and is dead.
Verse 14. - Then they sent to Jezebel [clearly she was not at Jezreel], saying, Naboth is stoned, and is dead. [Stanley observes that it is significant that this announcement was made to her and not to Ahab. It appears from ver. 19 that the corpses both of Naboth and his children were left to be devoured of dogs.] 1 Kings 21:14When the report of Naboth's execution was brought to her, she called upon Ahab to take possession of his vineyard (רשׁ equals רשׁ, Deuteronomy 2:24). As Naboth's sons were put to death at the same time, according to 2 Kings 9:26, the king was able to confiscate his property; not, indeed, on any rule laid down in the Mosaic law, but according to a principle involved in the very idea of high treason. Since, for example, in the case of blasphemy the property of the criminal was forfeited to the Lord as cherem (Deuteronomy 13:16), the property of traitors was regarded as forfeited to the king.
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