1 Chronicles 5:15
Ahi the son of Abdiel, the son of Guni, chief of the house of their fathers.
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5:1-26 Genealogies. - This chapter gives some account of the two tribes and a half seated on the east side of Jordan. They were made captives by the king of Assyria, because they had forsaken the Lord. Only two things are here recorded concerning these tribes. 1. They all shared in a victory. Happy is that people who live in harmony together, who assist each other against the common enemies of their souls, trusting in the Lord, and calling upon him. 2. They shared in captivity. They would have the best land, not considering that it lay most exposed. The desire of earthly objects draws to a distance from God's ordinances, and prepares men for destruction.From this passage and from the subsequent account of the Manassites 1 Chronicles 5:23-24, the Gadites extended themselves to the north at the expense of their brethren, gradually occupying a considerable portion of the tract originally allotted to the "half tribe." 1Ch 5:11-26. The Line of Gad.

11-15. the children of Gad dwelt over against them—The genealogy of the Gadites and the half-tribe of Manasseh (1Ch 5:24) is given along with that of the Reubenites, as these three were associated in a separate colony.

This Ahi was the head or chief of the houses or families, either,

1. Of those seven named 1 Chronicles 5:13; or,

2. Of Abdiel and Guni last named, and of their fifties. Ahi the son of Abdiel, the son of Guni, chief of the house of their fathers. Which Ahi was a principal man in the families the seven above men belonged to; besides them, or those three, were everyone of them heads of families. Ahi the son of Abdiel, the son of Guni, chief of the house of their fathers.
15. chief of the house of their fathers] R.V. chief of their fathers’ houses."Eastward to the coming to the desert (i.e., till towards the desert) from the river Euphrates," i.e., to the great Arabico-Syrian desert, which stretches from the Euphrates to the eastern frontier of Perea, or from Gilead to the Euphrates. Bela's family had spread themselves so far abroad, "for their herds were numerous in the land of Gilead," i.e., Perea, the whole trans-Jordanic domain of the Israelites.
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