Joshua 16
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Ephraim’s Inheritance

1And the lot of the children of Ioseph fell fro Iordane by Iericho, vnto the water of Iericho eastwarde, & to the wildernesse that goeth vp fro Iericho throughout mount Bethel. 2And goeth out fro Bethel to Luz, and runneth along vnto the borders of Archiataroth: 3And goeth downe againe westward euen to the coast of Iaphleti, and vnto the coast of Bethhoron the neather, & to Gazer, and the endes of their coastes leaue at the west sea.

4And so the children of Ioseph, Manasses, & Ephraim, toke their inheritaunce. 5And the border of the children of Ephraim was by their kynreds. Their border on the east side was, Ataroth Adar, euen vnto Bethhoron the vpper. 6And went out westwarde to Machmethath on the northside, and returneth eastward vnto Thaanath Silo, & past it on the eastside vnto Ionoah. 7And went downe from Ionoah to Atharoth and Naarath, and came to Iericho, and went out at Iordane. 8And their border went from Thaphuah westward vnto the riuer Kanah, and the endes were the west sea. This is the inheritaunce of the tribe of the children of Ephraim by their kynredes. 9And the seperate cities for the childre of Ephraim, were among ye inheritauce of the children of Manasses, euen the cities with their villages. 10And they draue not out the Chanaanites that dwelt in Gazer: but the Chanaanites dwelt among the Ephraites vnto this day, and serue vnder tribute.

Bishops' Bible of 1568

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