Psalm 16
Aramaic Bible in Plain English
1Keep me, God, because I have trusted upon you.

2I have said to Lord Jehovah, "You are my Lord and my goodness is from your presence".

3"Also for The Holy Ones who are in the Earth, and the glorious in whom is all my pleasure."

4* The sorrows of the rest will be multiplied quickly and I shall not pour their oblation of blood neither shall I remember their names on my lips.

5Lord Jehovah, the portion of my inheritance and of my cup, you are returning my inheritance to me.

6The cords have fallen to me with the best, also my inheritance pleases me.

7I shall bless Lord Jehovah who counsels me and my kidneys teach me in the nights.

8I have set Lord Jehovah in front of me at all times and he has been at my right hand that I shall not move.

9Because of this my heart rejoiced, and my glory exulted; also my flesh will dwell in tranquility

10Because you have not left my soul in Sheol, neither have you given your Pure One to see destruction.

11You will show me your path of life and I shall be full of the joy of your face and of the sweetness of the victory of your right hand.

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