Psalm 145
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1I shall exalt you, my Lord, the King, and I shall bless your Name for an eternity of eternities!

2Every day I shall bless you and I shall glorify your name for an eternity of eternities!

3Great is our Lord and very glorious and there is no end to his greatness!

4Generation to generation they will tell your works and they will show your heroism!

5And they will relate the might of your awesomeness and they will tell your greatness.

6And they will speak the awesomeness of your might and I shall tell your greatness.

7Your righteous ones will seek the remembrance of your many favors and they will find.

8LORD JEHOVAH is merciful and cherishing; he is patient and his grace is abundant.

9LORD JEHOVAH is good and his mercies are upon all his works.

10LORD JEHOVAH, your Servants shall give thanks to you and your righteous ones shall praise you!

11They will tell the glory of your kingdom and they will speak by your might

12To show the sons of men your heroism in the glory of your kingdom.

13Your Kingdom is a Kingdom of all the ages and your authority is unto all generations of generations. LORD JEHOVAH is faithful in his words and righteous in all his works.*

14LORD JEHOVAH sustains all who fall and he straightens all who are stooped.

15The eyes of everyone are raised to you; you give them food in their times.

16You open your hand and satisfy the desire of everyone who lives.

17LORD JEHOVAH is righteous in all his ways and compassionate in all his works.

18LORD JEHOVAH is near to those who call to him in truth.

19And he performs the desire of his worshipers; he hears their prayer and saves them.

20LORD JEHOVAH keeps all his worshipers and all the evil ones he destroys.

21I shall speak the praises of LORD JEHOVAH with my mouth and all the children of flesh will bless The Name of his Holiness to an eternity of eternities.

The Peshitta Holy Bible Translated
Translated by Glenn David Bauscher
Glenn David Bauscher
Lulu Publishing
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