Tribute Money
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Tribute Money


(to nomisma tou kensou (Matthew 22:19), "the coin used in payment of the imperial taxes"): Lit. "the lawful money of the tax," which, in the case of the poll tax, had to be paid in current coin of the realm (see Matthew 17:27).

Smith's Bible Dictionary
Tribute Money


2778. kensos -- to muzzle
... a poll-tax. 2778 -- poll-tax; ; "literally, ',' which was not paid in ,
but rather in money" (, 71). tribute, poll tax Of Latin ...
// - 6k
Strong's Hebrew
4061. middah -- tribute
... toll, tribute. (Aramaic) or mindah (Aramaic) {min-daw'}; corresponding to middah;
tribute in money -- toll, tribute. see HEBREW middah. 4060b, 4061. ...
/hebrew/4061.htm - 6k

Peter and the Tribute-Money.
... PETER AND THE TRIBUTE-MONEY. It was a part of the ... pay tribute for Himself
and Peter. [Illustration: PETER AND THE TRIBUTE-MONEY.]. ...
/.../anonymous/mother stories from the new testament/peter and the tribute-money.htm

Of his Paying the Tribute Money Out of the Mouth of the Fish, an ...
... The Prologue. Chapter LX."Of His Paying the Tribute Money Out of the Mouth
of the Fish, an Incident Which Matthew Alone Mentions. 118. ...
/.../augustine/the harmony of the gospels/chapter lx of his paying the.htm

The Tribute Money
... Strong Meat for Hungry Souls: The Gospel of St. Mark CHAPTER 12:13-17 THE TRIBUTE
MONEY. "And they send unto Him certain of the Pharisees ...
/.../chadwick/the gospel of st mark/chapter 12 13-17 the tribute money.htm

Jesus Pays the Tribute Money.
... Part Sixth. From the Third Passover Until Our Lord's Arrival at Bethany. (Time:
One Year Less One Week.) LXXII. Jesus Pays the Tribute Money. ...
/.../mcgarvey/the four-fold gospel/lxxii jesus pays the tribute.htm

The Last Events in Galilee - the Tribute-Money, the Dispute by the ...
... Let no needless offence be given; for, assuredly, they would not have understood
the principle on which Christ would have refused the Tribute money, [3761] and ...
/.../the life and times of jesus the messiah/chapter iii the last events.htm

What we Can Say on the Historicity of the Miracles of Jesus
... the roaring elements. But how about the tribute money which he procured,
and of which Matthew (17.27) narrates? Did Jesus, indeed ...
// miracles of jesus/iii what we can say.htm

Psalm IV.
... And I believe this to be the bearing of that which some understand skilfully; I
mean, what the Lord said on seeing Cæsar's tribute money, "Render to Cæsar ...
/...// on the book of psalms/psalm iv.htm

Tribute to Caesar.
... But Jesus perceived their craftiness, and said, "Why make ye trial of me, ye hypocrites?
Show me the tribute money.". And they brought unto him a denarius. ...
// life/tribute to caesar.htm

Cix. Jewish Rulers Seek to Ensnare Jesus.
... the meanness and hypocrisy in their question, thereby emphasizing the important
fact that he did not dodge, but answered it.] 19 Show me the tribute money. ...
/.../mcgarvey/the four-fold gospel/cix jewish rulers seek to.htm

The Stater in the Fish. (Matt. , xvii. , 27. )
... Nor did he work a miracle to procure the tribute"money, but directed
Peter to make use of the means which his trade supplied. ...
/.../section 191 the stater in.htm



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Tribute Money

Tribute: All Saints Exhorted to Pay

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Tribute: Priests and Levites Exempted From

Tribute: Roman was Paid in Roman Coin

Tribute: Roman was Resisted by the Galilaeans Under Judas of Galilee

Tribute: Roman: Christ Showed to the Pharisees and Herodians the Propriety

Tribute: Roman: Collected by the Publicans

Tribute: Roman: Decree of Augustus For

Tribute: Roman: First Levied in Judea when Cyrenius Was Governor

Tribute: Roman: Our Lord Falsely Accused of Forbidding to Pay

Tribute: Roman: Persons Enroled For, in the Native Place of Their Tribe

Tribute: Sometimes Exacted by Kings from Their own Subjects

Tribute: The Jews Required to Pay Half a Shekel to God As

Tribute: when Oppressive Frequently Led to Rebellion

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