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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
(n.) The quality or condition of being sharp; keenness; acuteness.
663. apotomia -- sharpness, steepness
... sharpness, steepness. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration: apotomia Phonetic
Spelling: (ap-ot-om-ee'-ah) Short Definition: harshness, severity ...
// - 6k

3789. ophis -- a snake
... Probably from optanomai (through the idea of sharpness of vision); a snake,
figuratively, (as a type of sly cunning) an artful malicious person, especially ...
// - 6k

3472. moria -- foolishness
... Cognate: 3472 (from 3474 ) -- folly; literally, dull (lacking sharpness). Word Origin
from moros Definition foolishness NASB Word Usage foolishness (5). ...
// - 6k

664. apotomos -- abruptly, curtly
... Word Origin adverb from apo and temno (to cut) Definition abruptly, curtly
NASB Word Usage severely (1), severity (1). sharpness. ...
// - 6k

Strong's Hebrew
5876. En Chaddah -- "spring of sharpness," a place in Issachar
... En Chaddah. 5877 . "spring of sharpness," a place in Issachar. Transliteration:
En Chaddah Phonetic Spelling: (ane khad-daw') Short Definition: En-haddah. ...
/hebrew/5876.htm - 6k

I am Told, Further, that You Touch with Some Critical Sharpness ...
... I am told, further, that you touch with some critical sharpness upon some points
of my letter, and, with the well-known wrinkles rising on your forehead and ...
/.../13 i am told further.htm

The Strait Gate;
... Bunyan justly says, "The text calls for sharpness, so do the times." "With those
whose religion lieth in some circumstantials, the kingdom swarms at this day ...
/.../bunyan/the works of john bunyan volumes 1-3/the strait gate.htm

First of Conversion
... Turning to God is also done whiles we direct the sharpness of our minds to Him,
and evermore think of His counsel and His commandments, that they may be ...
/.../ fire of love/chapter i first of conversion.htm

The Eternal Home in Heaven Beautiful Exposition by Tertullian of ...
... Judicial Characteristics of Christ Which are Inconsistent with the Heretical Views
About Him; The Apostle's Sharpness, or Severity, Shows Him to Be a Fit ...
/.../tertullian/the five books against marcion/chapter xii the eternal home in.htm

Estimate of St. Augustin.
... His meditatio passes with the utmost ease into oratio, and his oratio into meditatio.
With profundity he combined an equal clearness and sharpness of thought. ...
/.../the confessions and letters of st/chapter iii estimate of st augustin.htm

Of Evil-Speaking in General.
... enabled to inveigh against sin and vice, whoever consequentially may be touched
thereby: yea, sometimes it is their duty with severity and sharpness to reprove ...
/.../barrow/sermons on evil-speaking by isaac barrow/of evil-speaking in general.htm

The Shortest of the Seven Cries
... The sharpness of that sentence no exposition can fully disclose to us: it is keen
as the very edge and point of the sword which pierced his heart. ...
/.../spurgeon/spurgeons sermons volume 24 1878/the shortest of the seven.htm

... hope, some beginnings of victory over the most wayward of wills, and the most
unaccountably strange of mixed natures, with its intellectual sharpness and moral ...
// answers/introduction.htm

... For the forces of evil are infinite in their variety, insidious beyond the ability
of natural sharpness to detect and guard against, and unsleeping in the ...
/.../kane/greater things the story of saint stanislaus kostka /preface.htm

The Contribution of the Natural and Social Sciences
... They fell back upon Kant's distinction of the two reasons and two worlds.
They exaggerated the sharpness of that distinction. They ...
/.../chapter v the contribution of.htm

Sharpness (2 Occurrences)
...Sharpness (2 Occurrences). ... (KJV WBS). Psalms 89:43 Also -- Thou turnest back the
sharpness of his sword, And hast not established him in battle, (YLT). ...
/s/sharpness.htm - 7k

Dull (16 Occurrences)
... 3. (superl.) Insensible; unfeeling. 4. (superl.) Not keen in edge or point; lacking
sharpness; blunt. ... 8. (vt) To deprive of sharpness of edge or point. ...
/d/dull.htm - 12k

Sharply (20 Occurrences)

/s/sharply.htm - 12k

Edge (150 Occurrences)
... of a table, a precipice. 3. (vt) Sharpness; readiness of fitness to cut;
keenness; intenseness of desire. 4. (n.) The border or ...
/e/edge.htm - 39k

Edification (10 Occurrences)
... 2 Corinthians 13:10 Therefore I write these things being absent, lest being present
I should use sharpness, according to the power which the Lord hath given me ...
/e/edification.htm - 10k

Pointed (13 Occurrences)
... 3. (a.) Characterized by sharpness, directness, or pithiness of expression; terse;
epigrammatic; especially, directed to a particular person or thing. ...
/p/pointed.htm - 10k

Peak (1 Occurrence)
... a peak. 7. (vi) To acquire sharpness of figure or features; hence, to look
thin or sickly. 8. (vi) To pry; to peep slyly. 9. (vt ...
/p/peak.htm - 7k

Brightness (36 Occurrences)
... 1. (n.) The quality or state of being bright; splendor; luster; brilliancy; clearness.
2. (n.) Acuteness (of the faculties); sharpness 9wit. Int. ...
/b/brightness.htm - 18k

Bitter (203 Occurrences)
... 5. (vt) Characterized by sharpness, severity, or cruelty; harsh; stern; virulent;
as, bitter reproach. 6. (vt) Mournful; sad; distressing; painful; pitiable. ...
/b/bitter.htm - 42k

Axe (19 Occurrences)
... building. It is the rendering of a different word in Judges 9:48, 1 Samuel
13:20, 21, Psalm 74:5, which refers to its sharpness. In ...
/a/axe.htm - 18k

Bible Concordance
Sharpness (2 Occurrences)

2 Corinthians 13:10 Therefore I write these things being absent, lest being present I should use sharpness, according to the power which the Lord hath given me to edification, and not to destruction.

Psalms 89:43 Also -- Thou turnest back the sharpness of his sword, And hast not established him in battle,



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