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he that is heard; he that is obeyed

Smith's Bible Dictionary

son of David, (2 Samuel 5:14) elsewhere called Shammua and Shimea.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia

sha-mu'-a, sham'-u-a (shammua`):

(1) The Reubenite spy (Numbers 13:4, Samouel, and other forms).

(2) One of David's sons (2 Samuel 5:14 1 Chronicles 14:4, Sammous). In 1 Chronicles 3:5 he is called "Shimea."

(3) A Levite (Nehemiah 11:17); he is called "Shemaiah" in 1 Chronicles 9:16. (4) The head of a priestly family (Nehemiah 12:18); a contemporary of Joiakim.

Strong's Hebrew
8051. Shammua -- three Israelites
... NASB Word Usage Shammua (5). Shammua, Shammuah. From shamem; renowned; Shammua,
the name of four Israelites -- Shammua, Shammuah. see HEBREW shamem. ...
/hebrew/8051.htm - 6k
Shammuah (1 Occurrence)
... SHAMMUA; SHAMMUAH. sha-mu'-a, sham'-ua (shammua`): (1) The Reubenite spy (Numbers
13:4, Samouel, and other forms). ...Shammuah (1 Occurrence). ...
/s/shammuah.htm - 7k

Shammu'a (1 Occurrence)
Shammu'a. Sham'mu-a, Shammu'a. Shammuah . Multi-Version Concordance
Shammu'a (1 Occurrence). ... Sham'mu-a, Shammu'a. Shammuah . Reference Bible.
/s/shammu'a.htm - 6k

Shamsherai (1 Occurrence)

/s/shamsherai.htm - 6k

Shammua (6 Occurrences)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia. SHAMMUA; SHAMMUAH. sha-mu'-a, sham'-ua (shammua`):
(1) The Reubenite spy (Numbers 13:4, Samouel, and other forms). ...
/s/shammua.htm - 9k

Shamhuth (1 Occurrence)
... Int. Standard Bible Encyclopedia SHAMHUTH. sham'-huth. See SHAMMUAH, IV.
Multi-Version Concordance Shamhuth (1 Occurrence). 1 Chronicles ...
/s/shamhuth.htm - 6k

Bible Concordance
Shammuah (1 Occurrence)

2 Samuel 5:14 And these be the names of those that were born unto him in Jerusalem; Shammuah, and Shobab, and Nathan, and Solomon,



Shammuah: Called Shammua

Shammuah: Called Shimea

Shammuah: Son of David

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Shammu'a (1 Occurrence)

Shamsherai (1 Occurrence)

Shammua (6 Occurrences)

Shamhuth (1 Occurrence)

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