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"Goהָלֹ֡ךְha·loch1980to go, come, walka prim. root
and proclaimוְקָֽרָאתָ֩ve·ka·ra·ta7121to call, proclaim, reada prim. root
in the earsבְאָזְנֵי֙ve·'a·ze·nei241an earfrom an unused word
of Jerusalem,יְרוּשָׁלִַ֜םye·ru·sha·lim3389probably "foundation of peace," capital city of all Isr.from yarah and shalem
saying,לֵאמֹ֗רle·mor559to utter, saya prim. root
'Thusכֹּ֚הkoh3541thus, herea prim. adverb
saysאָמַ֣רa·mar559to utter, saya prim. root
the LORD, Yah·weh3068the proper name of the God of Israelfrom havah
"I rememberזָכַ֤רְתִּיza·char·ti2142remembera prim. root
concerning you the devotionחֶ֣סֶדche·sed2617agoodness, kindnessfrom chasad
of your youth,נְעוּרַ֔יִךְne·'u·ra·yich,5271youth, early lifefrom the same as naar
The loveאַהֲבַ֖תa·ha·vat160love (noun)from aheb
of your betrothals,כְּלוּלֹתָ֑יִךְke·lu·lo·ta·yich;3623betrothalfrom the same as kallah
Your followingלֶכְתֵּ֤ךְlech·tech1980to go, come, walka prim. root
afterאַחֲרַי֙a·cha·rai310the hind or following partfrom achar
Me in the wilderness,בַּמִּדְבָּ֔רbam·mid·bar,4057bwildernessfrom dabar
Through a landבְּאֶ֖רֶץbe·'e·retz776earth, landa prim. root
not sown.זְרוּעָֽה׃ze·ru·'ah.2232to sow, scatter seeda prim. root
KJV Lexicon
halak  (haw-lak')
to walk (in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively)
and cry
qara'  (kaw-raw')
to call out to (i.e. properly, address by name, but used in a wide variety of applications)
in the ears
'ozen  (o'-zen)
broadness. i.e. (concrete) the ear (from its form in man) -- + advertise, audience, + displease, ear, hearing, + show.
of Jerusalem
Yruwshalaim  (yer-oo-shaw-lah'-im)
founded peaceful; Jerushalaim or Jerushalem, the capital city of Palestine -- Jerusalem.
'amar  (aw-mar')
to say (used with great latitude)
Thus saith
'amar  (aw-mar')
to say (used with great latitude)
the LORD
Yhovah  (yeh-ho-vaw')
(the) self-Existent or Eternal; Jehovah, Jewish national name of God -- Jehovah, the Lord.
I remember
zakar  (zaw-kar')
to mark (so as to be recognized), i.e. to remember; by implication, to mention
thee the kindness
checed  (kheh'-sed)
kindness; by implication (towards God) piety: rarely (by opposition) reproof, or (subject.) beauty
of thy youth
na`uwr  (naw-oor')
(only in plural collectively or emphatic form) youth, the state (juvenility) or the persons (young people) -- childhood, youth.
the love
'ahabah  (a-hab-aw)
of thine espousals
kluwlah  (kel-oo-law')
bridehood (only in the plural) -- espousal.
when thou wentest
yalak  (yaw-lak')
to walk; causatively, to carry (in various senses)
'achar  (akh-ar')
the hind part; generally used as an adverb or conjunction, after (in various senses)
me in the wilderness
midbar  (mid-bawr')
a pasture (i.e. open field, whither cattle are driven); by implication, a desert; also speech (including its organs) -- desert, south, speech, wilderness.
in a land
'erets  (eh'-rets)
the earth (at large, or partitively a land) -- common, country, earth, field, ground, land, natins, way, + wilderness, world.
that was not sown
zara`  (zaw-rah')
to sow; figuratively, to disseminate, plant, fructify -- bear, conceive seed, set with sow(-er), yield.
Parallel Verses
New American Standard Bible
"Go and proclaim in the ears of Jerusalem, saying, 'Thus says the LORD, "I remember concerning you the devotion of your youth, The love of your betrothals, Your following after Me in the wilderness, Through a land not sown.

King James Bible
Go and cry in the ears of Jerusalem, saying, Thus saith the LORD; I remember thee, the kindness of thy youth, the love of thine espousals, when thou wentest after me in the wilderness, in a land that was not sown.

Holman Christian Standard Bible
"Go and announce directly to Jerusalem that this is what the LORD says: I remember the loyalty of your youth, your love as a bride-- how you followed Me in the wilderness, in a land not sown.

International Standard Version
"Go and announce to Jerusalem: 'This is what the LORD says: "I remember the loyal devotion of your youth, your love as a bride. You followed me in the desert, in a land that was not planted.

NET Bible
"Go and declare in the hearing of the people of Jerusalem: 'This is what the LORD says: "I have fond memories of you, how devoted you were to me in your early years. I remember how you loved me like a new bride; you followed me through the wilderness, through a land that had never been planted.

GOD'S WORD® Translation
"Go and announce to Jerusalem, 'This is what the LORD says: I remember the unfailing loyalty of your youth, the love you had for me as a bride. I remember how you followed me into the desert, into a land that couldn't be farmed.

King James 2000 Bible
Go and cry in the ears of Jerusalem, saying, Thus says the LORD; I remember you, the kindness of your youth, the love of your betrothal, when you followed me in the wilderness, in a land that was not sown.
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