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840. austeros -- harsh, severe
... austeros Phonetic Spelling: (ow-stay-ros') Short Definition: grim, severe, strict,
exacting Definition: grim, severe, strict, exacting, harsh, rigid. ...
//strongsnumbers.com/greek2/840.htm - 6k

That the Ruler Should Be, through Humility, a Companion of Good ...
... That the ruler should be, through humility, a companion of good livers, but, through
the zeal of righteousness, rigid against the vices of evildoers. ...
/.../leo/writings of leo the great/chapter vi that the ruler.htm

How the victor Runs
... 'So run, that ye obtain.'. II. The victorious runner sets Christians an
example of rigid self-control. Every man that is striving ...
/.../maclaren/romans corinthians to ii corinthians chap v/how the victor runs.htm

On the Justification of Man Before God
... (iii, 23.) (2.) God may be viewed as seated on a throne of rigid and severe
justice, (Psalm 143:2,) or on a throne of grace and mercy. ...
/.../the works of james arminius vol 1/disputation 19 on the justification.htm

Paganism and Mr. Lowes Dickinson
... in an irresponsible state, whereas, if there were two things that the best pagan
civilization did honestly believe in, they were a rather too rigid dignity and ...
//christianbookshelf.org/chesterton/heretics/xii paganism and mr lowes.htm

Days of Conflict
... requirements of the rabbis. Rigid rules were prescribed for every act,
down to the smallest details of life. Under the synagogue ...
/...//christianbookshelf.org/white/the desire of ages/chapter 9 days of conflict.htm

End of Three Months' Ministry in Jerusalem.
... It was instituted by the Maccabees who were priests and of the most rigid caste,
and was observed only by the more rigid Jews; hence it is not strange that the ...
/.../the new testament commentary vol iii john/end of three months ministry.htm

The Consensus of Zurich. AD 1549.
... fruition of Christ by faith. [895] This satisfied neither the rigid Lutherans
nor the rigid Zwinglians. The former could see no ...
/.../ 59 the consensus of.htm

True Religion Contrasted with the Mock Piety of the Pharisees.
... Section 156. (1.) Alms, Prayer, Fasting; (2.) Rigid Judgment of Self, Mild Judgment
of others; (3.) Test of Sincerity in Seeking after Righteousness. ...
/.../iv true religion contrasted with.htm

Whether Contrition is an Assumed Sorrow for Sins, Together with ...
... Now he that persists in his own judgment, is called metaphorically rigid and hard:
wherefore anyone is said to be broken when he is torn from his own judgment. ...
/.../aquinas/summa theologica/whether contrition is an assumed.htm

Strong and Loving
... One part of that watchfulness consists in exercising a very rigid and a
very constant and comprehensive scrutiny of our motives. ...
/.../maclaren/romans corinthians to ii corinthians chap v/strong and loving.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (a.) Firm; stiff; unyielding; not pliant; not flexible.

2. (a.) Hence, not lax or indulgent; severe; inflexible; strict; as, a rigid father or master; rigid discipline; rigid criticism; a rigid sentence.

Rigid (1 Occurrence)
... 2. (a.) Hence, not lax or indulgent; severe; inflexible; strict; as, a rigid father
or master; rigid discipline; rigid criticism; a rigid sentence. ...
/r/rigid.htm - 6k

Rigor (8 Occurrences)
... fever. 3. (n.) The becoming stiff or rigid; the state of being rigid; rigidity;
stiffness; hardness. 4. (n.) See 1st Rigor, 2. 5 ...
/r/rigor.htm - 9k

Set (6715 Occurrences)
... 7. (vt) To fix beforehand; to determine; hence, to make unyielding or obstinate;
to render stiff, unpliant, or rigid; as, to set one's countenance. ...
/s/set.htm - 20k

Rights (35 Occurrences)

/r/rights.htm - 16k

Esther (48 Occurrences)
... royal apparel of blue and white." The highly organized postal system, the king's
scribes, the keeping of the chronicles of the kingdom, the rigid and elaborate ...
/e/esther.htm - 58k

Genealogy (29 Occurrences)
... With the rigid exclusion of all foreign intermixtures by the leaders of the Restoration
(Ezra 10 Nehemiah 10:30; Nehemiah 13:23-31), the genealogical interest ...
/g/genealogy.htm - 70k

Code (6 Occurrences)
... Here also Hammurabi's care for those of a meaner position is exhibited, since he
issues rigid regulations against misuse of the power of office and punishes ...
/c/code.htm - 40k

Hard (733 Occurrences)
... hard character. 7. (superl.) Not easy or agreeable to the taste; stiff;
rigid; ungraceful; repelling; as, a hard style. 8. (superl ...
/h/hard.htm - 18k

Neighbor (123 Occurrences)
... The word represents, not so much a rigid fact, but an ideal which one may or may
not realize (Luke 10:36, "Which of these three, thinkest thou, proved ...
/n/neighbor.htm - 41k

Nicolaitans (2 Occurrences)
... of the Spirit and of wisdom" (compare Acts 6:3), Simcox argues that their lapse
may have been due to reaction from original principles of a too rigid asceticism ...
/n/nicolaitans.htm - 10k

Bible Concordance
Rigid (1 Occurrence)

Mark 9:18 and wherever it seizes him, it throws him down, and he foams at the mouth, and grinds his teeth, and wastes away. I asked your disciples to cast it out, and they weren't able."



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