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1233. diagnosis -- a distinguishing, determination
... a distinguishing, determination. Part of Speech: Noun, Feminine Transliteration:
diagnosis Phonetic Spelling: (dee-ag'-no-sis) Short Definition: judicial ...
// - 6k

1014. boulomai -- to will
... Definition: I will, intend, desire, wish. Cognate: 1014 -- to plan with
(determination). See 1012 (). 1014 (" plan") is a strong ...
// - 9k

2307. thelema -- will
... From the prolonged form of ethelo; a determination (properly, the thing), ie (actively)
choice (specially, purpose, decree; abstractly, volition) or (passively ...
// - 7k

4268. prognosis -- foreknowledge
... Noun, Feminine Transliteration: prognosis Phonetic Spelling: (prog'-no-sis) Short
Definition: foreknowledge Definition: foreknowledge, previous determination. ...
// - 7k

2308. thelesis -- will
... Word Origin from thelo Definition will NASB Word Usage will (1). will. From ethelo;
determination (properly, the act), ie Option -- will. see GREEK ethelo. ...
// - 6k

2919. krino -- to judge, decide
... 2919 ("distinguish, judge") typically refers to making a determination of
right or wrong (innocence or guilt), especially on an (). ...
// - 11k

Strong's Hebrew
4941. mishpat -- judgment
... worthy (1). adversary, ceremony, charge, crime, custom, desert, determination,
discretion,. From shaphat; properly, a verdict (favorable ...
/hebrew/4941.htm - 7k

2742. charuwts -- sharp, diligent
... hence (as noun masculine or feminine) a trench (as dug), gold (as mined), a
threshing-sledge (having sharp teeth); (figuratively) determination; also eager ...
/hebrew/2742.htm - 6k

6640. tsebu -- thing, anything
... purpose. (Aramaic) from tsba'; properly, will; concretely, an affair (as a matter
of determination) -- purpose. see HEBREW tsba'. 6639, 6640. tsebu. 6641 . ...
/hebrew/6640.htm - 6k


That no Determination Should be Made on those Things which Concern ...
... The Conferences of John Cassian. Chapter XXX. That no determination should be
made on those things which concern the needs of the common life. ...
/.../cassian/the conferences of john cassian/chapter xxx that no determination.htm

The Evidence of Scripture on Changes of Determination.
... The Conferences of John Cassian. Chapter XXV. The evidence of Scripture on changes
of determination. It is impossible for us briefly to run through everything. ...
/.../cassian/the conferences of john cassian/chapter xxv the evidence of.htm

Men are not Saved by Good Works, nor by the Free Determination of ...
... Chapter 30."Men are Not Saved by Good Works, Nor by the Free Determination
of Their Own Will, But by the Grace of God Through Faith. ...
/.../augustine/the enchiridion/chapter 30 men are not saved.htm

The Answer Telling in what Cases the Determination is to be Kept ...
... Chapter XXVIII. The answer telling in what cases the determination is to be
kept fixedly, and in what cases it may be broken if need be. ...
/.../cassian/the conferences of john cassian/chapter xxviii the answer telling.htm

God Has not by his Eternal Decree Determined Future and Contingent ...
... For it signifies (1.) either "the determination of God by which he resolves that
something shall be done; and when such a determination is fixed, (by an action ...
/.../arminius/the works of james arminius vol 1/article vii god has not.htm

Whether Habit is a Distinct Species of Quality?
... ad lit. iv, 3), "is that which a measure determines": wherefore it implies
a certain determination according to a certain measure. ...
/.../ theologica/whether habit is a distinct.htm

The Fixed Heart
... darkness of sorrow. The repetition of 'My heart is fixed' adds emphasis
to the expression of unalterable determination. The fixed ...
/.../maclaren/expositions of holy scripture j/the fixed heart.htm

Whether Every Human Law is Derived from the Natural Law?
... be noted that something may be derived from the natural law in two ways: first,
as a conclusion from premises, secondly, by way of determination of certain ...
/...// theologica/whether every human law is.htm

Use what You Have
... your mind, develop your soul, develop patience, courage, faith, loyalty, justice,
benevolence, endurance, cheerfulness, determination, diligence, industry, and ...
// talks/talk thirty-eight use what you.htm

Life of Antony.
... You have entered upon a noble rivalry with the monks of Egypt by your determination
either to equal or surpass them in your training in the way of virtue. ...
/.../athanasius/select works and letters or athanasius/life of antony 2.htm

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary
1. (n.) The act of deciding.

2. (n.) Bringing to an end; termination; limit.

3. (n.) Direction or tendency to a certain end; impulsion.

4. (n.) The quality of mind which reaches definite conclusions; decision of character; resoluteness.

5. (n.) The state of decision; a judicial decision, or ending of controversy.

6. (n.) That which is determined upon; result of deliberation; purpose; conclusion formed; fixed resolution.

7. (n.) A flow, rush, or tendency to a particular part; as, a determination of blood to the head.

8. (n.) The act, process, or result of any accurate measurement, as of length, volume, weight, intensity, etc.; as, the determination of the ohm or of the wave length of light; the determination of the salt in sea water, or the oxygen in the air.

9. (n.) The act of defining a concept or notion by giving its essential constituents.

10. (n.) The addition of a differentia to a concept or notion, thus limiting its extent; -- the opposite of generalization.

11. (n.) The act of determining the relations of an object, as regards genus and species; the referring of minerals, plants, or animals, to the species to which they belong; classification; as, I am indebted to a friend for the determination of most of these shells.

Determination (2 Occurrences)
... 7. (n.) A flow, rush, or tendency to a particular part; as, a determination
of blood to the head. 8. (n.) The act, process, or result ...
/d/determination.htm - 8k

Will (64996 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) The choice which is made; a determination or preference which results
from the act or exercise of the power of choice; a volition. ...
/w/will.htm - 13k

Resolve (3 Occurrences)
... 5. (vi) To express, as an opinion or determination, by resolution and vote; to declare
or decide by a formal vote; -- followed by a clause; as, the house ...
/r/resolve.htm - 9k

Decision (174 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) The act of deciding; act of settling or terminating, as a controversy, by
giving judgment on the matter at issue; determination, as of a question or ...
/d/decision.htm - 41k

Easter (1 Occurrence)
... Alexandria to determine, since that city was regarded as the authority in astronomical
matters and he was to communicate the result of his determination to the ...
/e/easter.htm - 12k

Resolution (1 Occurrence)
... 2. (n.) The state of being relaxed; relaxation. 3. (n.) The state of being resolved,
settled, or determined; firmness; steadiness; constancy; determination. ...
/r/resolution.htm - 7k

Reason (438 Occurrences)
... 1. (n.) A thought or a consideration offered in support of a determination or an
opinion; a just ground for a conclusion or an action; that which is offered or ...
/r/reason.htm - 39k

Decree (82 Occurrences)
... 1. (n.) An order from one having authority, deciding what is to be done by a
subordinate; also, a determination by one having power, deciding what is to be ...
/d/decree.htm - 34k

Determine (13 Occurrences)
... and separate. 2. (vt) To set bounds to; to fix the determination of; to
limit; to bound; to bring to an end; to finish. 3. (vt) To ...
/d/determine.htm - 13k

Act (204 Occurrences)
... 2. (n.) The result of public deliberation; the decision or determination of a
legislative body, council, court of justice, etc.; a decree, edit, law, judgment ...
/a/act.htm - 36k

Bible Concordance
Determination (2 Occurrences)

1 Peter 4:1 Since, then, Christ has suffered in the flesh, you also must arm yourselves with a determination to do the same--because he who has suffered in the flesh has done with sin--

Zephaniah 3:8 "Therefore wait for me," says Yahweh, "until the day that I rise up to the prey, for my determination is to gather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour on them my indignation, even all my fierce anger, for all the earth will be devoured with the fire of my jealousy.



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