Job 26
Wycliffe's Bible
1Forsooth Job answered, and said,

2Whose helper art thou? whether of the feeble, and sustainest the arm of him, which is not strong? (Whose helper art thou? of the feeble? and sustainest thou the arm of him, who is not strong?)

3To whom hast thou given counsel? In hap to him that hath not wisdom (Perhaps to someone who hath not wisdom); and thou hast showed full much prudence.

4Either whom wouldest thou teach? whether not him, that made breathing? (Or whom wouldest thou teach? surely not he, who gave you breathe!)

5Lo! giants wail under waters, and they that dwell with them. (Lo! the spirits of the dead wail under the waters, and they that dwell with them.)

6Hell is naked before him, and no covering is to perdition. (Sheol is naked before him, and perdition hath no covering.)

7The which God stretcheth forth the north upon (a) void thing, and he hangeth the earth upon nought.

8And he bindeth waters in their clouds, that those break not out (al)together downward. (And he bindeth up the waters in the clouds, so that they do not burst open.)

9He holdeth the cheer of his seat, and spreadeth abroad thereon his cloud. (He spreadeth his cloud upon the surface of his throne.)

10He hath (en)compassed a term, or an end, to (the) waters, till that light and darkness be ended. (He hath surrounded the waters with a border, where light and darkness meet.)

11The pillars of heaven tremble, and dread at his will. (The pillars of heaven tremble, and fear his will.)

12In the strength of him the seas were gathered together suddenly (By his strength he divided the seas), and his prudence smote the proud.

13His spirit hath adorned (the) heavens (By his breathe he hath cleared the skies), and the crooked serpent was led out by his hand, leading him out as a midwife leadeth out a child.

14Lo! these things be said in part of his ways; and when we have heard scarcely a little drop of his word, who may see the thunder of his greatness? (Lo! these things that be said be but a part of his ways; and as we have scarcely heard but a little drop of his word, who can understand the thunder of his greatness?)


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Wycliffe’s Old Testament


Wycliffe’s New Testament
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A modern-spelling edition of their
14TH century Middle English translation,
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