Titus 1
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Paul’s Greeting to Titus
(2 Corinthians 8:16–24)

1Paul the seruaunt of God and an Apostle of Iesu Christ to preache the fayth of goddis electe and ye knowledge of that trueth which is after godlynes 2vpon the hope of eternall lyfe which lyfe God that cannot lye hath promised before the worlde begane: 3but hath opened his worde at ye tyme apoynted thorow preachynge which preachynge is committed vnto me by the commaundement of god oure saveoure.

4To Titus his naturall sonne in the commen fayth.Grace mercie and peace from God the father and from the lord Iesu Christ oure saveoure.

Appointing Elders on Crete
(1 Timothy 3:1–7; 1 Peter 5:1–4)

5For this cause left I ye in Creta that thou shuldest performe that which was lackynge and shuldest ordeyne elders in every citie as I apoynted the. 6Yf eny be fautelesse the husbande of one wyfe havynge fayt hfull childre which are not selandred of royote nether are disobediet. 7For a bisshoppe must be fautelesse as it be commeth the minister of God: not stubborne not angrye no dronkarde no fyghter not geven to filthy lucre: 8but herberous one that loveth goodnes sobre mynded righteous holy temperat 9and suche as cleveth vnto the true worde of doctryne that he maye be able to exhorte with wholsom learnynge and to improve them that saye agaynst it.

Correcting False Teachers
(1 Timothy 1:3–11)

10For ther are many disobedient and talkers of vanite and disceavers of myndes namely they of the circumcisio 11whose mouthes must be stopped which pervert whole houses teachinge thinges which they ought not because of filthy lucre. 12One beynge of the selves which was a poyet of their awne sayde: The Creta yns are all wayes lyars evyll beastes and slowe belies. 13This witnes is true wherfore rebuke them sharply that they maye be sounde in the fayth 14and not takynge hede to Iewes fables and commaudmentes of men that turne from the trueth. 15Vnto the pure are all thynges pure: but vnto them that are defiled and vnbelevynge is nothynge pure: but even the very myndes and consciences of them are defiled. 16They confesse that they knowe god: but with the dedes they denye hym and are abhominable and disobedient and vnto all good workes discommendable.

Tyndale Bible of 1526

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