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Zab'di-el (1 Occurrence)

1 Chronicles 27:2
Over the first course for the first month was Jashobeam the son of Zabdiel; and in his course were twenty and four thousand.
(See RSV)

Zab'di-el (1 Occurrence)
Zab'di-el. Zab'diel, Zab'di-el. Zabud . Multi-Version Concordance
Zab'di-el (1 Occurrence). 1 Chronicles 27:2 Over the first course ...
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Zab'diel (1 Occurrence)
Zab'diel. Zabdiel, Zab'diel. Zab'di-el . Multi-Version Concordance Zab'diel
(1 Occurrence). ... (See RSV). Zabdiel, Zab'diel. Zab'di-el . Reference Bible.
/z/zab'diel.htm - 6k

Zabdiel (2 Occurrences)
... ZABDIEL. zab'-di-el (zabhdi'el, "my gift is El (God)"; Zabdiel): (1) Father of
Jashobeam (1 Chronicles 27:2), or rather Ishbaal (Curtis, Chronicles, 290). ...
/z/zabdiel.htm - 7k

Zabud (1 Occurrence)

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