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Mini'amin (3 Occurrences)

2 Chronicles 31:15
And under him were Eden, and Miniamin, and Jeshua, and Shemaiah, Amariah, and Shecaniah, in the cities of the priests, in their office of trust, to give to their brethren by courses, as well to the great as to the small;
(See RSV)

Nehemiah 12:17
of Abijah, Zichri; of Miniamin; of Moadiah, Piltai;
(See RSV)

Nehemiah 12:41
and the priests, Eliakim, Maaseiah, Miniamin, Micaiah, Elioenai, Zechariah, and Hananiah, with trumpets;
(See RSV)

Mini'amin (3 Occurrences)
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Mini'amin (3 Occurrences). 2 Chronicles 31:15 And under him ...
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Miniamin (3 Occurrences)

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Miniamin's (1 Occurrence)

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