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Ad'i-el (3 Occurrences)

1 Chronicles 4:36
and Elioenai, and Jaakobah, and Jeshohaiah, and Asaiah, and Adiel, and Jesimiel, and Benaiah,
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1 Chronicles 9:12
and Adaiah the son of Jeroham, the son of Pashhur, the son of Malchijah, and Maasai the son of Adiel, the son of Jahzerah, the son of Meshullam, the son of Meshillemith, the son of Immer;
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1 Chronicles 27:25
Over the king's treasures was Azmaveth the son of Adiel: and over the treasures in the fields, in the cities, and in the villages, and in the towers, was Jonathan the son of Uzziah:
(See RSV)

Ad'i-el (3 Occurrences)
Ad'i-el. Adiel, Ad'i-el. Adieu . Multi-Version Concordance Ad'i-el
(3 Occurrences). 1 Chronicles 4:36 and Elioenai, and Jaakobah ...
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Adiel (3 Occurrences)
... ADIEL. ad'-i-el (`adhi'el, "ornament of God"): (1) One of the "princes" of the tribe
of Simeon, who, in the days of Hezekiah, smote the aborigines of Gedor and ...
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Adieu (2 Occurrences)

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