The Praiseworthy and the Faultworthy in Worship
Psalm 47:1-9
O clap your hands, all you people; shout to God with the voice of triumph.…

Man is a worshipper. The deepest craving of his soul is for worship, and in true worship alone he can find the healthy excitement and the full and felicitous development and exercise of all his powers.

I. The PRAISE-Worthy in worship.

1. Exultancy. "O clap your hands," etc.; "shout unto God." "Sing praises to God," etc. Among the reasons indicated in the psalm for this exultancy is His supremacy over all the earth.

(1) His government of the world is founded upon the reason of things.

(2) His government of the world is founded upon laws suited to the nature of His subjects.

(3) His government of the world is exercised for purely benevolent ends.

(4) His government of the world affords opportunities for rebels to be restored.

2. Enthusiasm. In worship all the faculties and susceptibilities of the soul are interested, and into it conscience pours its whole force.

3. Monotheism. There is one God, and one only, to be worshipped. The supremely good is to be loved supremely, the supremely great to be adored supremely, the supremely just to be obeyed supremely.

4. Intelligence. "Sing ye praises with understanding." Worship is not an unmeaning act, not a burst of blind passion; it is founded in the profoundest philosophy, it implies the grandest truths.

II. The FAULT-Worthy in worship.

1. There is something like selfishness here. Worship may begin in gratitude, may spring from a sense of God's personal kindness; but it only becomes virtuous and noble as it rises into self-oblivious adoration.

2. There is something like revenge here. "He shall subdue the people under us, and the nations under our feet." "God reigneth over the heathen." "The shields of the earth belong unto God"; i.e. the rulers of the earth are in His hand.


Parallel Verses
KJV: {To the chief Musician, A Psalm for the sons of Korah.} O clap your hands, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph.

WEB: Oh clap your hands, all you nations. Shout to God with the voice of triumph!

Messianic Triumph Predicted
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