The Heart Full and the Mouth Closed
Ezekiel 16:62-63
And I will establish my covenant with you; and you shall know that I am the LORD:…

I. REVIEW THE BLESSED CONDITION INTO WHICH EVERY BELIEVER IN THE LORD JESUS CHRIST HAS BEEN BROUGHT BY THE SOVEREIGN ACT OF GOD'S MERCY. The Hebrew word which here sets forth forgiveness and pardon properly signifies to cover a thing with that which adheres and sticks to the thing covered; not with dry dust or leaves, which could be easily removed, but with glue or pitch, so that the thing hidden cannot easily be brought to sight again. O believer, God is pacified towards you, for your sin is covered; it is put away, all of it, and altogether. Since you have believed in Jesus Christ your sin has not become dimly visible, neither by searching may it be seen as a shadow in the distance, but God seeth it no more forever. God is pacified towards His people, for all that they have done, altogether pacified, for their sins have ceased to be. And this is not occasionally true, but always true, not only so in happier moments, when we enjoy a sense of it, but always, whether we have a sense of it or not. At all times, in the dark as well as in the light, in down castings as well as in upliftings, the Lord is pacified towards His people. I would to God that the Lord's people grasped this more fully, and lived in the power of it more completely. May God grant we may! There is peace, there is nothing but peace, between my soul and God. Oh, what a joyous thought this is! Grasp it, Christian, and let your spirit exult in it. And all this, remember, is written in our text concerning a people who had plunged into wondrous sins. The greatness of the sin reveals the greatness of the redeeming sacrifice, and the direful nature of the disease declares the infinity of that Physician's skill who is able to put it all away.


1. First, we have learned salvation by a covenant. The thought is charming, for we were lost by a covenant. Here, then, was the way to restore us again. As we sinned representatively, it was possible for us to satisfy the law by a representative. Here was the opening for the way of salvation. By a second covenant head man may be redeemed, and therefore Jesus Christ comes, the second Adam, and God makes a covenant with Him, which covenant runs thus — "If He will bear the penalty of sin — if He will keep the law, then, all that are in Him shall be delivered from every sin, and the righteousness of the second Adam shall be imputed to them, and they shall be loved and blessed as if they were righteous." Oh, matchless mystery of love!

2. The next thing we have learned while reaching our happy condition of peace with God is the lesson that Jehovah is indeed God. "Thou shalt know that I am the Lord." To be saved in a way that makes us know that God is God is to be taught aright. That God is God is easy to say but hard to know.

(1) I have learned His justice, and if ever I hear men talking about the injustice of everlasting punishment for sin, I have found no echo in my conscience to that observation, because, if I could be lifted up into God's place, I feel that the very first thing I should have to do would be to eternally condemn such a guilty thing as I myself have been and am. I feel it.

(2) I have also been made to learn His sovereignty. This I know, that He is God, and doeth as He pleases with His grace.

(3) And oh, how we have to learn His power. "Who but Thyself could have chained my imperious passions and broken the iron yoke from off my neck?"(4) Above all, we learn that precious word, "God is love"; but there is no understanding it until you are actually broken down under a sense of sin, and are led to see that your sin deserves the hottest hell.

3. We have learned ourselves. To remember and to be confounded — that is not comfortable. Who likes to remember and be confounded? Once you could have found twenty excuses, and had your choice out of them; but now that the Lord has forgiven you, you cannot find one, and as you turn them all up — those old excuses of yours — those fig leaves of yours, with which you once hoped to cover your nakedness, you despise them, and think you never saw such flimsy things.

III. THE SILENCE WHICH IS FOREVER INDUCED. "Thou shalt never open thy mouth any more because of thy shame." If any man who believes himself to have been moral and sinless will only begin to look at the reasons why he has been so innocent, and search himself, he will often discover that inside all that purity of his there has been a mass of pride, self-conceit, self-seeking, indifference to God, and every detestable thing. When the Lord shows the man all this, and casts him down into the ditch till he abhors himself, and then cleanses him in the precious blood till he is pacified towards Him, he will never open his mouth about that matter any more. Neither will a man who has been cleansed in this way open his mouth any more against Divine sovereignty. He is the man above all others who loves to hear of God as absolute. He knows how gracious, how strong, how truly good He is. So, also, this way of salvation shuts a man's mouth as to all murmuring and complaining against God upon any score whatever; for, saith he, "If the Lord has pardoned me, let Him do what He wills with me."

( C. H. Spurgeon.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And I will establish my covenant with thee; and thou shalt know that I am the LORD:

WEB: I will establish my covenant with you; and you shall know that I am Yahweh;

The Effect of God's Mercy On, the Renewed Soul
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