Men Recognize Secondary Causes Rather than the Divine Being in the Gift of Their Daily Bread
Matthew 6:11
Give us this day our daily bread.

The Rev. J. H. Wilson of Edinburgh relates: "One day I asked the children in our infant school, ' Who gives you the bread you get to your dinner?' Almost every voice answered, My mother.' 'But who gave it to your mother?' 'The baker.' 'And who gave it to the baker?' 'The miller.' 'And who gave it to the miller?' 'The farmer.' And who gave it to the farmer?' 'The ground.' And only when I asked, 'Who gave it to the ground?' did I get the answer, 'It was God.'" How many children of a larger growth, like these infants, attribute their blessings to any second cause rather than to the gift of their Father!

Parallel Verses
KJV: Give us this day our daily bread.

WEB: Give us today our daily bread.

It is Suitableness, not Superabundance, that Gives Enjoym
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