Brotherly Love Among the Early Christians
Hebrews 13:1
Let brotherly love continue.

A striking instance of the brotherly love of the early Christians transpired in the great plague that raged round Alexandria, during the reign of Gallienus. At the first appearance of the symptoms, the heathen drove the infected man from their sight; they tore themselves from their dearest connections; they threw their friends half-dead into the streets, and left their dead unburied. But, in contrast with this cruel selfishness, "the Christians, in the abundance of their brotherly love," as their Bishop Dionysius says, "did not spare themselves, but mutually attending each other, they would visit the sick without fear, and ministering to each other for the sake of Christ, cheerfully gave up their lives with them. Many died after their care had restored others to health. Many, who took the bodies of their Christian brethren into their hands and bosoms, and closed their eyes, and buried them with every mark of attention, soon followed them in death."

Parallel Verses
KJV: Let brotherly love continue.

WEB: Let brotherly love continue.

Brotherly Love
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