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When all our enemies heard about this, all the surrounding nations feared and were disheartened, for they realized that this task had been accomplished by our God.
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I. A great MANIFESTATION OF DIVINE POWER is a great casting down of God's enemies.

1. There is real weakness in all sin. "In their own eyes" defeat meant shame and confusion; but the true heart never doubts that its cause is right, even when success is delayed.

2. The world will perceive God's hand. When the finished work is before them they will not dare to deny who has accomplished it. Therefore we should hasten it on, and be more eager to bring it to completion.

3. The great facts of Divine grace spread their message not only among the enemies of the Church, but among the heathen, who have been sitting in darkness. A revived zeal and energy in God's people will have a mighty effect in casting down the imaginations which exalt themselves against the name of Christ.

II. The best preparation of the true Church against discouragements, both from without and from within, is to know that ITS WALLS ARE BUILT UP, AND ITS GATES IS THEIR PLACES.

1. That will put a stop to the corrupting intercourse between the Church and the world.

2. It will help the people of God to know their true leaders. The nobles were traitors; but henceforth men after the example of Nehemiah will be the defenders of Judah.

3. In the sight of the finished work the hearts of God's people are strong. In the best sense success makes success. "Tobiah's letters" will do no harm, for there are the walls speaking in the name of God, "epistles written by the Spirit of God, known and read of all men." Let the world trust as it may in its devices, we rejoice in "the walls of Jerusalem," which are "salvation," and "her gates" "praise." - R.

For they perceived that the work was wrought of our God.
Christianity does not stand in any merely literary defence, although its literary defence is complete; it stands rather in its beneficent accomplishments, in its regenerated hearts, its elevated lives, its new spirit of consecration, its broad unselfishness, its generous sympathy — "Go and show John again those things which ye do hear and see."

(J. Parker, D. D.)

Homiletic Commentary.

1. Biblical instances.

2. Later instances.


1. Unconscious acknowledgments. Think of the way in which Christianity penetrates the life of the modern world.

2. Unwilling acknowledgment.

3. Frank acknowledgment.


1. Willing.

2. Enforced.Application


1. Make acknowledgment of God.

2. Now.

(Homiletic Commentary.)

It is amazing sometimes to find how many there are who heartily endorse a good work when it has arrived at or is approaching success, however much they may have frowned at it, or even opposed it, when it was struggling with difficulties.

(W. P. Lockhart.)

In the present day there is an impatient craving for immediate results which comes perilously near to mistrust of God. But verily there are results, and when such results are seen, then even enemies are constrained to admit that God's hand is in the work. The faith of converts must always be evidenced by their works, otherwise the world will not, cannot, perceive that God is working with us.

(W. P. Lockhart.)

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