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But you must return to your God, maintaining love and justice, and always waiting on your God.
Genuine Human GoodnessD. Thomas Hosea 12:6
Instructions to the Unconverted and to the ConvertedE. Cooper.Hosea 12:6
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If there is one message more frequently repeated than another in the Scriptures, both of the Old and New Testaments, it is this message requiring repentance. There has been no generation of men, nay, there has been no individual man, to whom it might not justly be said, Repent!

I. HUMAN CHARACTER AND LIFE ARE SUCH AS TO RENDER NECESSARY THIS TURNING TO GOD. One who is on the right road already has no need to turn; but he who is traveling in the wrong direction must first of all reverse his steps, his course. As sin and error have been universal, no limit can be placed to the appropriateness of the summons of the text.

II. MAN MAY FIND IN HIMSELF MANY AND SUFFICIENT REASONS FOR REPENTANCE. His interests demand, his conscience enjoins, his best feelings urge, that he should turn unto God. His present happiness and his future prospects are imperiled by his remaining estranged from his God.


1. First of all there is the fact that he is our God. "Turn thou to thy God." How just and proper, then, that, instead of looking away from him, men should look towards him!

2. It must be considered that all our happiness is bound up with his favor and fellowship. To turn to him is to turn to the light of the sun, to the source of life.

3. The Divine directions and promises furnish the most persuasive motive add the most authoritative justification for turning unto God. - T.

Therefore turn thou to thy God: keep mercy and Judgment, and wait on thy God continually.
As encouragement to repentance, the example of the patriarch Jacob is presented. Let the descendants of the patriarch copy his example; let them seek God and walk with Him, as Jacob had done, and they would surely find Him, and receive a blessing from Him in their turn. The advice was most seasonable. It directed them to turn to God; and then to walk with Him in the duties and comforts of true religion.

I. THE INSTRUCTION TO THE UNCONVERTED. Turn thou to thy God. An unconverted person is one whose heart is not changed and turned to God. Every person who is habitually proud, sensual, or covetous, indulging a self-righteous spirit, or following sin with greediness; or leading a worldly life, careless of his soul and eternity; every ]person who sins without remorse, and has, in fact, no other rule for his conduct but his own interest, gain, or will — every such person is an unconverted person. All unconverted persons are turned from God., They are estranged from Him in heart and affections. Those who are turned away from God must be miserable. the first step in real religion is conversion, that is, the turning of the heart to God. There can be no real religion till this step be taken. Do you inquire the way? There is but one way, even Jesus Christ. He is "the way" Would you then turn to God, you must come to Him by this way. You must draw nigh to God in faith; and pray to Him for Christ's sake to be reconciled unto you. You must beseech Him to grant to you the Spirit of Christ, to work in you true repentance. Thus turning to Him, you will be graciously and favourably received. He never casts out any souls that turn to Him through Jesus Christ.

II. THE INSTRUCTION VOUCHSAFED TO THOSE WHO ARE ALREADY CONVERTED. "Keep mercy and judgment and wait on thy God continually." The converted are those who, having through grace renounced the ways of sin and the course of this world, have turned unto God by faith in Jesus Christ their Saviour; with penitent hearts have joined themselves unto Him, and, being justified by faith, have peace with God. The instruction divides itself into two parts —

1. "Keep mercy and judgment." All who turn to God should be careful to maintain good works. They are called with a holy calling, and their life and conversation should accord with it. In mercy. In exercising kindness and compassion to all. In judgment. In doing justice and righteousness; in rendering, to all their due; in making restitution for wrongs or injuries committed.

2. "Wait on thy God continually." To wait upon God is to depend upon Him; to exercise a believing expectation of receiving from Him all those supplies and succours of which we stand in need.

(E. Cooper.)

The quietest room in a Lancashire cotton mill is the engine room. It is significantly called the "power room" of the mill. But from that quietest room emerges all the force which speeds the busy looms in their process of production. Let the engine be neglected, let countless looms be added without proportional increase of power, and. the mill breaks down. We have been neglecting our quietest room, our power room; we have been adding to the strain without multiplying the force, and the effects are seen in weariness, joylessness, and ineffectiveness. We must not work less, but we must pray more.

(Life of C. A. Berry, D. D.)

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