The Abounding Prayer
Psalm 106:4-5
Remember me, O LORD, with the favor that you bore to your people: O visit me with your salvation;…


1. The first solicits a specially loving Divine remembrance. He knew that general providential mercy and visible Church privilege mould profit him but little, if he had nothing more, if he had not over and above a personal interest in a much more special favour, in the Lord's covenant-favour towards His own elect; and hence it was his earnest prayer, his constant prayer, to be remembered with this favour.

2. The second solicits a graciously saving Divine visit. Come, Lord, and by Thine own finger, write upon my heart the assurance of Thy love. Come, Lord, and by Thine own Spirit witness with my spirit that I am Thy adopted child. Come, Lord, and by Thine own counsel, guide me while I live; and afterwards by Thine own hand receive me, when I die, into everlasting habitations.


1. There is the consciousness of gracious well-being. "That I may see the good of Thy chosen." He desired to see it as the "chosen" do, with the eye of a conscious faith, of a spiritually illumined soul; to see it so as to be sustained, stimulated, rejoiced, and beautified by it; to see it as made over to himself, so that it might become his own, just as when the owner of an estate looks over it and says, "This farm, that goodly mansion, those spacious parks, the domain all round, the whole is mine." Such was the sight which he desired, the only sight which is ever satisfying.

2. There is the experience of spiritual joy. "That I may rejoice in the gladness of Thy nation." Not see it merely, but share it too in a way answerable to its high and holy character, singing with grace in my heart to the Lord in psalms, and hymns, and spiritual songs.

3. There is the exultation of holy triumph. "That I may glory with Thine inheritance." The heirs of an earthly inheritance are but heirs apparent or heirs presumptive, and either in one way or in another they may be disappointed of the inheritance after all. But not so here. The Lord is their inheritance, and they are His inheritance; and there can he no shortcoming of the mutual inheritance on either His part or theirs. What is it to glory with His inheritance in the Lord? It is to exalt Him highest in our affection and esteem; to claim Him as our own and only Lord; to confess Him before men; to place on Him the crown of our salvation; to give all the glory of it from first to last to Him to whom it all belongs.

(E. A. Thomson.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: Remember me, O LORD, with the favour that thou bearest unto thy people: O visit me with thy salvation;

WEB: Remember me, Yahweh, with the favor that you show to your people. Visit me with your salvation,

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