Spiritual Refreshment
1 Corinthians 16:18
For they have refreshed my spirit and yours: therefore acknowledge you them that are such.

The three honoured members of the Christian society at Corinth who came to Ephesus, came officially as a deputation to consult the inspired apostle upon matters of faith and practice. But their visit was not simply official; for all three were personally attached to Paul, and their sentiments of affection were reciprocated by the fervent nature of the apostle of the Gentiles, whose largeness of heart was even more conspicuous than his keenness of intellect. The grateful language in which Paul acknowledges the benefit he had received from intercourse with his visitors, is suggestive of thought regarding the refreshment of spirit which is one happy result of Christian associations.


1. Work may be burdensome, and even oppressive, and may weigh down the soul as well as the body.

2. Trials, desertion of friends, disappointment in fellow labourers, etc., may distress the soul and dispose to melancholy.

3. Living much alone and in one's own occupations is wearisome to the spirit; the energies flag; the quality of work suffers; gloom takes possession of the life. These and many other causes render it most desirable that the thirsting, fainting spirit should be reanimated by some suitable influences.

II. THE APPOINTED AGENTS OF SPIRITUAL REFRESHMENT. Letters and books are precious, but in the case before us they are inadequate. Living companionship, the society of those like minded with ourselves, alone can meet the requirements of the case. Not only so; sympathizing friends have a peculiar power of restoring the equilibrium of the soul. Sympathy was what Paul sought and valued. It is hard to do even work for Christ without the smile and word of encouragement which our brethren in the Lord are able to give us.

III. THE MEANS OF SPIRITUAL REFRESHMENT. The presence of Christian friends is much; but their conversation, the opening of their hearts, the inquiry concerning our labours, successes, and failures, - these are all much to be desired. Not only the communication of knowledge and advice from our superiors, but the friendly conversation of our equals, and even the sympathy and heart revelation of those in some respects beneath us, may prove truly recruiting to our energies and restorative to our spirits.


1. Depression gives place to cheerfulness.

2. Weariness gives place to vigour.

3. Sluggishness gives place to vivacity.

4. Despondency gives place to hope.

5. Inefficiency gives place to successful labour.

6. Doubt gives place to living confidence.

In all is seen the operation of that Spirit of grace who does not disdain to work in and through the lowliest of Christ's sincere disciples and friends. - T,

Parallel Verses
KJV: For they have refreshed my spirit and yours: therefore acknowledge ye them that are such.

WEB: For they refreshed my spirit and yours. Therefore acknowledge those who are like that.

Spiritual Refreshment
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