Calm in Prospect of Death
Job 16:22
When a few years are come, then I shall go the way from where I shall not return.

Why should we be pensive and wistful when we think how near our end is? Is the sentry sad as the hour for relieving guard comes nigh? Is the wanderer in far-off lands sad as he turns his face homewards? And why should not we rejoice at the thought that we, strangers and foreigners here, shall soon depart to the true metropolis, the mother country of our souls? I do not know why a man should be either regretful or afraid as he watches the hungry sea eating away his "bank shoal of time" upon which he stands, even though the tide has all but reached his feet, if he knows that God's strong arm will be stretched forth to him at the moment when the sand dissolves from under his feet, and will draw him out of many waters, and place him on high above the floods in that stable land where there is "no more sea."

(A. Maclaren.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: When a few years are come, then I shall go the way whence I shall not return.

WEB: For when a few years are come, I shall go the way of no return.

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