The Different Language of the Godly and the Ungodly Descriptive of Their Different Characters
Psalm 4:6
There be many that say, Who will show us any good? LORD, lift you up the light of your countenance on us.

Scripture divides mankind into two classes, godly and ungodly. They differ as to their actual state in relation to the law and favour of God, and in their real character in the dispositions and affections of the soul. In this text we see how different are the prevailing desires of godly and ungodly men.

I. THE LANGUAGE OF WORLDLY AND UNCONVERTED MEN. "Who will show us any good?" All pursue the object which appears to them good. But it is only some worldly good. "Corn and wine." In their search, of whom do they seek information? Only of men like themselves; of men who are following worldly objects. Many of the things after which worldly men inquire are lawful. The degree in which it is done often makes the inquiry unlawful. They pursue it inordinately. This is the circumstance which clearly marks their characters, and decidedly proves them to be worldly.

II. THE LANGUAGE OF THE PEOPLE OF GOD. The very form which the language takes points out a marked distinction. It is a prayer, not a question. This has always been a marked feature in the people of God. They are a people who pray. They attempt nothing and desire nothing, apart from prayer. Here, for what objects do they pray?

1. For the Lord's countenance; for His special approbation and love.

2. For the light of His countenance. Not only the possession of God's favour, but the enjoyment of it.Conclusion:

1. You who are walking "in the light of His countenance," be thankful for the great mercy vouchsafed to you.

2. Be watchful." Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.

(E. Cooper.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: There be many that say, Who will shew us any good? LORD, lift thou up the light of thy countenance upon us.

WEB: Many say, "Who will show us any good?" Yahweh, let the light of your face shine on us.

The Difference Between Worldly and Godly Men
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