Diverging Paths
John 7:53
And every man went to his own house.

I. EVERY MAN WENT TO HIS OWN HOUSE. A symbol of the general conduct of humanity. "We have turned every one to his own way."

1. Our house is where we live, and represents all that we live for.

(1) Some men live for wealth and adorn their noble houses with elegant furniture and costly pictures.

(2) Some men live for pleasure, and their houses will be supplied with all that gratifies the senses — luxurious couches, expensive wines, and elaborate menu's.(3) Some men live for learning, and the principal room in the house will be the well-furnished library, and every department will proclaim, "A scholar lives here."(4) Some men live for friendship, and keep "open house" for their boon companions.

(5) Some men live for domestic felicities, and consult the comfort and fellowship of wife and children in all the appointments of the house.

2. We may go to our own house without Christ. A Christless house, a Christless life is that in which something else besides Christ predominates. Where wealth, pleasure, etc., are supreme Christ is not. He has gone to the Mount of Olives.


1. Jesus went —

(1) To cool His fevered brain and heart after the anxieties and labours of the day.

(2) To pray, and realize more deeply His union and communion with the Father. To brace Himself for the efforts of the coming day.

2. Jesus went alone, yet every member of the crowd He left needed to go with Him — and for the same reason. So do we. Only with Jesus shall we find rest, communion, strength.

3. Jesus came back to judge those who had forsaken Him (chap. John 8:16), and will come to judge those who are forsaking Him now.


1. Is not house or Christ. He does not require us to break up our homes or desolate our lives. Let it be remembered that one reason for going to Olivet was because there was not a home in Jerusalem that would take Him in. He would have supped with the meanest who would have accorded Him a welcome.

2. The alternative is house without Christ or house with Him. We must take our Saviour into our house, and then take our house to Olivet — make Him the sacred centre round which wealth, pleasure, etc., may cluster, and sanctify all by sympathy with Him, prayer and consecration.

3. Thus the alternative sharply put is self or Christ. Which?Conclusion:

1. If we let Christ alone He will let us alone. Hell in this life and in the next is abandonment by Christ.

2. Christ ascended Olivet — the Jews descended from Moriah. With Christ's companions it is ever a going up till heaven at last is reached. With Christ-forsakers it is ever down — down until the depths of the bottomless pit are fathomed.

(J. W. Burn.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: And every man went unto his own house.

WEB: Everyone went to his own house,

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