The King's Daughter Glorious Within and Clothed with a Garment of Wrought Gold
Psalm 45:13
The king's daughter is all glorious within: her clothing is of worked gold.


1. All true believers have a glorious life. They live a life of justification, a life of holiness, and of sweet fellowship with God.

2. Believers have a glorious understanding and knowledge of God and Divine things. They have all received a heart to know God as their God in Christ; and that knowledge is eternal life begun.

3. Believers have a glorious conformity to and compliance with the will of God, wrought in their hearts by the Holy Spirit.

4. All true believers have a precious faith in, and a glorious love to, God in Christ implanted in their hearts by the Holy Spirit.

5. Believers have a glorious inward peace (Romans 5:1), a peace that "passeth knowledge," a peace that the world knows not of, and which it can neither give nor take away.

6. Believers are possessed of a glorious joy and spiritual gladness. They stand by faith upon the sure foundation which God hath laid in Zion, and "rejoice in the hope of the glory of God" (Romans 5:2).

7. Believers are possessed of a meek and humble frame of heart and spirit, which is a great ornament to the soul in the sight of God; and is accordingly said to be of great price in His esteem (1 Peter 3:4).


1. What we are to understand by it. All true believers are daughters of the King; they are chaste virgins, being espoused to His Son. They are a peculiar people; they dwell alone, and are not reckoned among the nations.

2. Its excellence.

(1) It is of an infinite value and worth, being "the righteousness of God" (Romans 1:17). It is a righteousness of God's providing. The glorious Person who wrought out this righteousness is God (Romans 9:5); and the applier of it is God the Holy Ghost.

(2) It is of a durable and lasting nature.

(3) It is a garment for glory and for beauty.

(4) It is perfect and unsullied.


1. For information.

(1) Hence, see what a great and wonderful change, union to the person of Christ makes in the case of a poor, guilty, polluted sinner.

(2) Hence, see that imputed righteousness and inherent holiness go hand in hand together; where the one is, there is also the other.

(3) Hence, see what a precious thing the Gospel is; and how highly it ought to be had in estimation by all who enjoy it in purity. It reveals and brings the clothing of wrought gold near to the naked and starving soul (Isaiah 46:11, 12).

(4) Hence, see that when one grace is implanted in the heart, there all grace is to be found.

(5) We may hence see the difference between the true believer and the hypocrite. The latter may have as fair an outside as the former; but he has no inward glory.

(6) Hence see who they are that are truly the excellent ones of the earth. They are not those whom the world generally takes to be so; nor those who are most disposed to account themselves so; but the truly excellent and honourable persons are those who are clothed in the robe of wrought gold, the embroidered garment of Immanuel's righteousness, and made glorious within. These are the men whom the King hath highly advanced, and whom He delights to honour.

(T. Bennet.)

Parallel Verses
KJV: The king's daughter is all glorious within: her clothing is of wrought gold.

WEB: The princess inside is all glorious. Her clothing is interwoven with gold.

The King's Daughter
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