Joshua 21
Bible Study Questions

1. What does the distribution of the cities to the Levites reveal about God's provision for His people?

2. How do the cities of refuge represent God's justice and mercy?

3. Why do you think the Levites were given cities throughout the other tribes' territories?

4. How does this distribution underscore the role of the Levites within Israel?

5. What lessons can we learn from the Levites' contentment with their inheritance?

6. How does the division of land among the tribes reflect equality in God's eyes?

7. What is the significance of some cities being designated as cities of refuge?

8. How does the fulfillment of God's promise to the Israelites inspire trust in God's promises in your life?

9. How does the concept of inheritance in this chapter apply to Christians today?

10. How does the obedience of the Israelites in implementing God's instructions reflect in our obedience to God's commands today?

11. How can we apply the role of the Levites in our service to the Church today?

12. What does the peaceful settlement of the Israelites tell us about God's promises for rest and peace?

13. How does God's faithfulness to Israel reflect on His faithfulness to us?

14. How does the function of the cities of refuge parallel with God's grace and mercy?

15. How can we, like the Levites, use our 'inheritance' for the service of others?

16. How does the peaceful settlement of Israelites encourage us during times of conflict?

17. How do the Levites' cities scattered among the tribes of Israel relate to the Christian's call to be "salt and light" in the world?

18. How can we use our own "cities of refuge" to provide help and support for those in need?

19. What role does obedience play in seeing God's promises fulfilled in our lives?

20. What responsibilities come with the blessings and inheritance we receive from God, as seen in the allotment to the Levites?

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