Joshua 20
Bible Study Questions

1. How does the establishment of the cities of refuge reflect God's justice and mercy?

2. What can modern societies learn from the concept of a city of refuge?

3. How does the concept of the avenger of blood compare to our current understanding of justice?

4. How does the city elders' role in accepting the manslayer reflect community responsibility?

5. Why was it necessary for the manslayer to stay in the city until the death of the high priest?

6. How do the cities of refuge promote fairness and prevent vengeance?

7. What significance does the equal treatment of Israelites and foreigners in these cities carry for us today?

8. How can the idea of cities of refuge inform our views on refugee and asylum policies today?

9. How does the mandate of standing trial before an assembly uphold the principle of public accountability?

10. How does the concept of cities of refuge contrast with current penal systems and concepts of justice?

11. What can we learn from the cities of refuge about God's protection and providence?

12. How might the concept of cities of refuge guide us in dealing with people who have made

1. mistakes in our own lives?

13. Why do you think the death of the high priest was chosen as the time when the manslayer could return home?

14. In what ways does the instruction for establishing cities of refuge show God's foresight and wisdom?

15. How does the concept of refuge resonate with the broader Biblical theme of God being our refuge?

16. How does this system ensure that the punishment is proportional to the crime committed?

17. How does the process of a fugitive presenting his case to the city elders highlight the importance of listening and understanding in our relationships today?

18. Why do you think these specific cities were chosen as cities of refuge?

19. How does the process of designating cities of refuge demonstrate faith in action?

20. In what ways can we create metaphorical 'cities of refuge' in our personal lives and communities today?

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