Titus 1
Orthodox Jewish Bible
1 Sha'ul an eved of Hashem and a Shliach of Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach Yehoshua/Yeshua [Zech 6:11-12; Ezra 3:8], for the furtherance of the [charedi (orthodox)] emunah of the Bechirei Hashem (chosen ones of G-d) and of da'as HaEmes (knowledge of the Truth) as pertains to chasidus [in Moshiach]. 2 The mekor (basis) of this is a tikvah of Chayyei Olam which Hashem Who cannot speak sheker [BAMIDBAR 24:19; SHMUEL ALEF 15:29] promised before the Yamim HaOlam (days of eternity), 3 But revealed at the proper time Hashem's dvar [Besuras HaGeulah] in the hachrazah (proclamation, kerygma), with which I was entrusted, according to the mitzvat Hashem Moshieynu.

4 To Titos, beni ha'amitti baEmunah (my true son in the faith), the [orthodox Jewish] emunah shared in common. Chen v'Chesed Hashem and Shalom from Elohim HaAv and Moshiach Yehoshua/Yeshua [Zech 6:11-12; Ezra 3:8] Moshieynu.

5 For this reason I left you in Crete that you should set beseder (according to acceptable order) what remains and give messianic s'michah to Zekenim (SHEMOT 12:21) city by city, as I directed you. 6 If anyone is without reproach, a ba'al isha echat (husband of one wife), his banim being ma'aminim in Moshiach, and not under accusation of debauchery and zenut or sorrut (rebelliousness, insubordination) [SHMUEL ALEF 2:22], 7 For it is necessary for the congregational Mashgiach Ruchani to be without reproach as Hashem's mefake'ach al Beis Hashem (steward or supervisor of the House of G-d), not a ba'al gaavah (a haughty person), not quick in ka'as (anger), not a shikkor (drunkard) given to much wine, not violent, not a gelt-loving kamtzan (miser). 8 Rather, the Mashgiach Ruchani must be one who practices hachnosas orchim (hospitality), an ohev es haTov (a lover of the good), having seichel, a tzaddik, kadosh (holy), with shlitah atzmi (selfcontrol), 9 Devoted to the faithful hatafah (preaching) of the Besuras HaGeulah, adequate for hora'ah (teaching) that exhorts to [Moshiach's] orthodox Jewish doctrine and for refuting and exposing with conviction the ones speaking against it.

10 For there are indeed many mitnaggedim (opponents), idle talkers and deceivers, especially the ones of the party of the Mohalim HaGoyim (false teacher Circumcisers of Gentiles), 11 Whose mouths it is necessary to stop, who are subverting entire mishpochot (families) by teaching what they ought not, for the sake of dishonest gelt. 12 A certain one of them, a " navi" of their own number, said, " Cretans are always meshakkrim (liars), wicked beasts, lazy trombeniks (gluttons)." 13 This eidus (testimony) is true, for which cause rebuke them sharply, that they may be orthodox Jewish in [Moshiach's] emunah, 14 Not paying attention to Jewish aggadot and to mitzvot d'Rabbanan (precepts imposed by the rabbis, i.e., which contradict the Kitvei Hakodesh--1C 4:6; DEVARIM 4:2), becoming meshummad (apostate) from HaEmes. 15 All things are tahor to hatehorim; but, to the ones having been defiled and taking the side of the Apikoros, nothing is tahor, but has been made tameh, both lev and matzpun. 16 Hashem they profess to know, but by their ma'asim they deny him, being disqualified [for the rabbanut or ministry of Moshiach] and being without mishma'at (obedience), and, as to every one of the ma'asim tovim, unpalatably unkosher (unfit).

The Orthodox Jewish Bible fourth edition, OJB. Copyright 2002,2003,2008,2010, 2011 by Artists for Israel International. All rights reserved.
Used by permission.

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