Proverbs 15
Orthodox Jewish Bible
1 A soft answer turneth away chemah (wrath); but harsh devarim stir up anger.

2 The lashon of chachamim useth da'as aright, but the peh (mouth) of kesilim (fools) poureth out folly.

3 The eynayim of Hashem are in kol makom (every place), watching the ra'im and the tovim.

4 A marpeh lashon (a tongue of healing) is an Etz Chayyim, but selef (perversity) therein is crushing to the ruach (spirit).

5 A fool spurns his musar av, but he that is shomer over tokhakhat (reproof) is prudent.

6 In the bais of the tzaddik is much treasure, but in the revenues of the rashah is trouble.

7 The sfatayim (lips) of chachamim disperse da'as, but the lev of kesilim doeth not so.

8 The zevach of the resha'im is a to'evah to Hashem, but the tefillah (prayer) of the yesharim is His delight.

9 The derech rashah is a to'evah unto Hashem, but He loveth him that pursueth tzedakah.

10 Musar is grievous unto him that forsaketh the orach (way), and he that hateth tokhakhat (reproof) shall die.

11 Sheol and Avaddon are before Hashem, how much more then the hearts of Bnei Adam?

12 A scoffer loveth not one that correcteth him, neither will he go unto chachamim.

13 A lev same'ach maketh a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of the lev the ruach is broken.

14 The lev of him that hath understanding seeketh da'as, but the peh (mouth) of kesilim feedeth on folly.

15 All the days of the oni are ra'im, but he that is of a tov lev hath a mishteh tamid (a continual feast).

16 Better is little with the Yirat Hashem than otzar rav (great treasure) and trouble therewith.

17 Better is a meal of yarak (vegetables) where love is, than a fatted calf and sinah (hatred) therewith.

18 An ish chemah (angry man) stirreth up madon (strife), but he that is slow to anger pacifies a quarrel.

19 The derech (road) of the atzel (sluggard, lazy one) is a thorny hedge, but the orach yesharim (way of the upright) is a highway.

20 A ben chacham maketh glad an av, but a kesil adam despiseth immo.

21 Folly is simchah to him that is destitute of lev [of discernment], but an ish tevunah walketh uprightly.

22 Without counsel, plans go amiss, but in the multitude of yo'atzim (counsellors) they are established.

23 An ish hath simchah in the apt reply of his peh (mouth), and a timely davar, mah tov (how good!)

24 The Orach Chayyim leads upward to the wise, in order that he may depart from Sheol beneath.

25 Hashem will destroy the bais of the proud, but he will maintain the boundary of the almanah.

26 The thoughts of the rah are a to'evah to Hashem, but the words of the tehorim (pure ones) are pleasant.

27 He that is greedy of unjust gain troubleth his own bais, but he that hateth mattanot (bribes) shall live.

28 The lev tzaddik studieth how to answer, but the peh (mouth) of the resha'im poureth out evil things.

29 Hashem is far from the resha'im, but He heareth the tefillah of the tzaddikim.

30 The ohr (light) of the eynayim rejoiceth the lev, and a good report giveth health to the etzem.

31 The ozen that heareth the tokhakhat chayyim (reproof of life) lodgeth among chachamim.

32 He that refuseth musar despiseth his own nefesh, but he that heareth tokhakhat (reproof) getteth lev [of understanding].

33 The Yirat Hashem is the musar of chochmah; and before kavod (honor) is anavah (humility).

The Orthodox Jewish Bible fourth edition, OJB. Copyright 2002,2003,2008,2010, 2011 by Artists for Israel International. All rights reserved.
Used by permission.

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